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How Acoustic Foam Benefits Your Recording Studio

Acoustic Foam Wedge

Acoustic foam is a must have in any recording studio. Nailing egg boxes that you’ve lifted from the local cafeteria to the wall will only get you so far. There are plenty of benefits to discover by introducing this foam into your recording studio. Soon enough, you’ll be recording your magnum opus to sublimely crisp perfection.

What’s So Great About Acoustic Foam?

Well for one, you’ll finally be able to ditch those egg boxes and that questionable mattress with the dodgy stain. Ok it’s a given, but using the correct equipment is much more aesthetically pleasing than using old mattresses. It creates a professional looking recording studio and not something that could have been whipped up by The Goonies.

Are you rocking out in your parent’s garage or flaunting something the size of Abbey Road? Either way, your set up is seriously lacking without acoustic foam. By the way, don’t be disheartened if you are still jamming in a garage; from small beginnings come great things. Nirvana, The Who, The Ramones and The Kinks all started out in garages. However, they also recorded some killer tracks thanks to the help of acoustic foam; nudge, nudge, wink, wink.

Acoustic Foam is great because of how versatile it is. It can be cut to size, moved with ease and is extremely easy to wall mount. If you find your recordings aren’t exactly to your liking try moving the foam around. You can even add more or take some away in order to find that perfect balance.

What is Acoustic Foam?

Let’s get scientific for a moment. Acoustic foam is made from polyurethane foam and extruded melamine foam. You can find out more about polyurethane foam by reading our blog post on PU Foam Sheets. Melamine foam on the other hand is essentially the main component found in many abrasive cleaning sponges. This doesn’t mean you can cut corners by taping sponges to your wall; seriously, just don’t do it.

Acoustic foam is a very lightweight material often shaped with pyramid or wedged extremities. It has exceptional sound absorbing properties which work to reduce background noise and echoes. This in turn helps to produce an overall clearer and more pronounced sound when recording. Acoustic foam eliminates noise by controlling sound reverberation. This is the manner in which sound bounces off of walls, the same way in which bats navigate themselves. Noise bouncing around is bad when recording, which is why this foam is designed to improve your rooms acoustics.

What Acoustic Foam is Right for Me?

Our foam tiles are available in a range of styles and each is dependent on your personal recording needs.

For high frequency soundwaves, we recommend foam formed with multiple pyramid shapes. This specialist design helps to absorb sound reverberation, flutter echoes and reflection thus improving the quality of your recording. Pyramids help to deflect sound into multiple directions, which effectively deadens unwanted noise.

Thanks to GB Foam’s highly advanced CNC cutting equipment, our acoustic foam valleys are far more superior than industry competitors. Air becomes trapped within the valleys, creating resonating chambers which help expand upon the potential to absorb medium frequency sound.

For lower frequency absorption however you’ll require thicker foam blocks. This, as a result will aid you in fully combating against unwanted sound pollution.

Purchase Acoustic Foam From GB Foam Today.

All of our foam products exceed UK fire safety regulations. You can read more about this on our Fire Retardant Foam blog post. It’s always good to know that your acoustic foam is flame retardant. Naturally you want all of that expensive recording equipment and more importantly yourself to remain safe. Purchasing from GB Foam grants you the much needed assurance you’ll need to create the perfect recording studio.

To find out more about the acoustic foam GB Foam offers and how to purchase it visit our Acoustic Foam page.

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