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Fireworks Anxiety – Keeping Your Pets Calm

fireworks anxiety pets

Bonfire night is just around the corner and whilst many of us love to watch a great fireworks display, many of our animal friends experience fireworks anxiety. Persistent loud explosions can aggravate many animals so it’s important to keep them calm during this time of year. It’s unlikely that you’ll be able to put a stop to the fireworks, but there are some steps you can take which may help your beloved pet to relax.

Create a Safe & Relaxing Environment to Ease Fireworks Anxiety

If fireworks begin to cause them anxiety, your pet needs somewhere to reside to that they can feel safe. This is especially the case for dogs and cats who wander freely around your home. You may have already noticed an area in your home that your pets particularly like. If that’s the case, work to make that area as comfortable for them as possible. Chances are this will be where they choose to go to if they become unsettled.

You could consider laying out their favourite toys, having a few blankets to hand and making their bed as comfortable as can be. If you feel like your pet’s bed needs to be more comfortable, you could purchase some foam cut to size here. Alternatively, we sell bags of crumbed foam which makes for an excellent filling within the likes of dog and cat beds.

Stay Relaxed to Help with Pet Fireworks Anxiety

It’s one thing for your pet to stay relaxed, but you need to as well. Animals have an incredible ability to sense the way we’re feeling. If you’re feeling nervous, it’s likely that your pet will pick up on this. Empathising with your pet’s agitation is quite natural, but for the benefit of you both, you need to stay relaxed during the fireworks.

Stay with Your Pet Through Their Fireworks Anxiety

If possible, it’s a good idea to stay with your pet through their fireworks anxiety. The main thing that’s going to help them to relax is to know that they have you by their side. Dogs especially are heavily reliant on their owners, they look to you when things go wrong. If your pet becomes unsettled, stroke them and talk to them in hushed tones. Being present with them throughout this stressful time may be enough to help put them at ease.

Prepare Your Home for Fireworks Anxiety

You should keep the lights in your home on during fireworks displays for several reasons. You may have the type of pet to dash around frantically when they become anxious. Keeping the lights on will help to make sure that your pet doesn’t have any accidents when doing so. Secondly, as you know, fireworks flash when they explode. Random bright flashes can be stress-inducing for your pet; keeping the lights on will help to combat against this.

It’s also wise to create noise distractions around the home. Try turning on the television and keeping it slightly louder than usual. You could also do the same for the radio or play your own music. Having a consistent source of sound playing could help to detract from the explosions. This has the capability to lessen the likelihood of fireworks anxiety from occurring.

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