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Go Green! Landfill Vs Sofa Foam Replacement

Landfill Sofa Foam Replacement

We’re living in a generation where practically everything is replaceable. Long gone are the days of fix em’ ups, repair men or simply making do. Busted phone? Replace it! Broken heart? Replace it! Sofas are also often replaced; much more than they should be I might add. When sofas begin to sag, a vast majority of us begin to consider replacements. Why not consider sofa foam replacement as an alternative? It’s consequently cheaper, cleaner, more practical and less hassle.

Sofa Foam Replacement, the Smart Alternative.

First of all, you can be forgiven for considering chucking out your old sofa for a brand new one. We’re raised in a culture where almost everything is expendable. Most companies don’t want you to cling on to a product for years. That way they don’t continue to profit.

You don’t need to purchase a new model just because a company expects you to. This applies especially to sofas. Changing trends? Try reupholstery. Cushions starting to sag? Try sofa foam replacement. Your wallet will thank you and more importantly, so will the environment.

Don’t Ditch Your Sofa, Use Sofa Foam Replacement.

Sofas are like people; squishy things with legs. That’s a terrible analogy, let’s try that again…

Much like people, in time sofas can hit rough patches. Think of a worn out sofa as being poorly. Sometimes they’re beyond repair but more often than not all they need is some TLC. If Ill people need care, maybe your sofa does too? Maybe it just needs sofa foam replacement?

You wouldn’t chuck a person out every time they feel under the weather, so why sofas? Picture an alternate dystopian reality, where sofas are throwing people into landfills every time they get ill. Pretty messed up right? Well, that’s what’s happening to sofas every single day across the globe. Together we can end this, don’t give up on your sofa.

Sofa Foam Replacement Saves the Environment.

Sofa foam replacement is the smart alternative to a cleaner conscience and a brighter future. Each year thousands of tonnes of sofas are thrown away in the UK. Not because they’re broken, but because they’re old. Try doing that to grandma, see where that gets you.

Last year, the UK spent over £3.5bn on sofas and other upholstered furniture (seriously, where are you guys getting your money from)? It’s estimated that only 17% of said furniture was refurbished, reused or repurposed. That’s a lot of sofas for the slaughter; think how many could have been saved with sofa foam replacement.

It’s not just our wallets being hurt though. Most noteworthy, it’s estimated that refurbishing a tonne of sofas could save the environment from another 1.5 tonnes of CO2 emissions. One tonne of CO2 is enough to fill a modest sized house by the way. One tonne is also almost the same weight as a fair sized rhinoceros! Imagine herds of rhinos just floating around in the atmosphere. Jokes aside, the environment is drastically suffering because of this.

Purchase Sofa Foam Replacement Today.

Sofa foam replacement is made easy with GB Foam Direct! Simply follow the five easy steps on our foam cut to size page. Our highly superior cutting equipment is extremely accurate and ensures the perfect finish. Placing an order is just as easy as replacing your sofas foam cushions. Soon enough you’ll be sat on a revitalised sofa with a smug grin on your face knowing that you’ve saved money and helped save the environment in the process.

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