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Replacement Foam For Your Old Sofa, Why Use It?

Replacement Foam Old Sofa Cushion Replacement

Is your sofa looking a bit worse for wear? Is it beginning to lose its spring? Nowhere near as comfortable as it once was? There are numerous benefits to using replacement foam on your old sofa. If you’re considering replacing your old sofa for a brand new one, make sure not to do so until you’ve read on. Using replacement foam as an alternative could potentially save you a lot of money!

Why Does My Sofa Foam Need Replacing?

As with all things, sofas will eventually wear with age. Nowadays, the average life expectancy for a sofa is approximately five years! This is much lower than a sofa would have been expected to last a decade ago. It’s no secret that many manufacturers now build their products with the intention for them to eventually break in a certain amount of years. It’s exactly why your grandparents are still using a vacuum cleaner older than you are. Whilst you can’t seem to find one that lasts longer than three years! Welcome to the harsh reality of industrial design, they even have a name for it… planned obsolescence.

How Can Replacement Foam Combat Planned Obsolescence?

Planned obsolescence can go by various names “Built-in obsolescence” and “Product obsolescence” to name a few. Whatever the name, manufacturers don’t want you to know that they partake in this dishonest practice. We’ll go into further detail about this practice at a later date. For now though, let us tell you how replacement foam can help protect your purchase.

Replacement foam will help ensure longevity in your sofa. Many sofa manufacturers are known to use cheap, poor quality foam, which isn’t built to last. Sofas can take a lot of punishment over the years. As such, poor quality foam is certainly something you won’t want to be present in your sofa. The average Briton is likely to purchase at least seven sofa sets in a lifetime averaging at around £1500 each! Using replacement foam in your sofa could reduce this average and in turn save you a lot of money.

Replacement Foam from GB Foam

Here at GB Foam, we pride ourselves in using only the finest quality foam on the market. Unlike some manufacturers, we understand the importance of high quality foam and certainly don’t practice planned obsolescence. We want to help ensure that the money you spend on sofas isn’t in vain and that you receive true value for money. It couldn’t be easier to order replacement foam for your sofa. All you need is an old sofa in need of some TLC and a measuring tape. Our factory is equipped with top quality and highly precise CNC cutting equipment. This means that we can accommodate for any job, no matter the size.

If you want to get the most out of your sofa in both longevity and comfort then try our foam cut to size service. Our easy to use and highly versatile online purchasing system can help you get the replacement foam you need in only five simple steps.

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