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Sofa Foam Could Be Linked to Cancer

Sofa Fire Retardant Foam Cancer

Scientists make major discovery which shakes the sofa industry and prompts concern. 

There’s been coverage in the news lately about a certain flame retardant found in some sofas. This flame retardant in question is potentially causing individuals major health issues.

Scientists from Duke University claim that BFRs (Brominated flame retardants) are to blame. They claim this is the reason Britain has seen a 74% rise in thyroid cancer cases in the past decade.

What are Brominated Flame Retardants (BFRs)?

Brominated Flame Retardants are not only found in the production of some sofas. In fact, they’re found in a multitude of household items that we’re all exposed to every single day. BFRs are used in a variety of products including textiles, plastics and electronics, in an effort to make them non-flammable. That’s right! The clothes on your very back could potentially contain BFRs! But that’s not all, your curtains, media devices and much more could also contain this potentially cancer-causing chemical. But before you start stripping off naked, launching your laptop into the ocean and retiring into the forest for a lifetime of solitude, know this.

All GB Foam Products Contain Absolutely No BFRs

It seems like every other day scientists are discovering new ways to inform us that the things we love are causing us cancer. From bacon to the great sun itself everything is allegedly killing us. Now scientists have finally got to our beloved sofas! The thing we find comfort and solace in after a long day’s work. Vast portions of the very air we breathe nowadays are known to cause us health issues. In fact, it’s likely impossible to avoid everything known to cause us adverse health issues for an entire lifetime.  That is of course unless you can find a means to substitute breathing… and bacon.

Why Do Some Sofas Potentially Cause Cancer?

Here at GB Foam, we can’t provide all the solutions to avoiding this now notorious flame retardant. However, as experts in the foam industry, we can offer solutions to your sofa scares. Sofas are getting a bad rep in the news as of late due to the way in which they potentially expel nasty spores into the air. As clean as you may consider yourself, sofas will attract dust particles. Unless you sit like the most stringent of Buddhist monks, dust particles carrying BFRs will expel into the air.

Replace Your Sofa Foam Cushions Today

All of GB Foam’s products adhere to strict UK fire regulations and are completely free from BFRs. If this has got you worried for your health, we’d highly recommend checking with your sofa supplier to ensure their products do contain BFRs. Regardless of the chemicals within, we will always recommend that you replace your sofa foam cushions. Replacing the foam in your sofa with quality GB Foam products will firstly help eradicate the potential for BFR exposure. Not only this, it’ll also help to maximise comfort and ensure longevity in your beloved sofa.

If you’re considering upgrading the foam in your sofa, then be sure to check out our foam cut to size page.

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