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Rain or Shine: Quick Dry Foam The Solution for UK Outdoor Cushions

Quick Dry Foam for UK Outdoor Cushions

As we finally begin to experience some warmer weather here in the UK, we can look forward to enjoying spells of sunshine and spending more time in our outdoor spaces. However, the unpredictable nature of British weather means that we must also be prepared for sudden downpours. It would be a real shame to miss out on some outdoor relaxation due to a sudden shower.

Once soaked through, your outdoor cushions become unusable for some time. Thankfully, we at GB Foam have a solution! With our quick dry foam, you can ensure that your outdoor cushions remain comfortable and functional, even when faced with the whims of the UK climate.

Today, we’ll be exploring the benefits of our highly advanced reticulated foam and explaining exactly why it’s the perfect choice for your outdoor furniture.

What is Reticulated Foam?

Before we begin listing out the many benefits of reticulated foam, allow us to briefly explain what it actually is.

This unique type of foam is known for its open-cell structure, which allows water to flow through it much more freely than traditional foam materials. Instead of drastically absorbing water, large volumes simply pass straight through it, resulting in a foam that dries considerably quicker than regular cushion foam.

The Benefits of Using Quick Drying Foam for Outdoor Cushions

Now you know more about what reticulated foam is, let’s explore some of the many benefits this advanced foam offers when used for outdoor cushions.

Mould, Fungal & Mildew Resistance

As well as the obvious benefit of not getting completely soaked through, quick drying reticulated foam is resistant to mould and fungal growth; something you definitely don’t want covering your cushions.

Greater Longevity

Cushions prone to getting wet won’t last as long as cushions that are kept dry. By choosing a quick drying reticulated foam for your outdoor cushions, you’ll be helping to expand their estimated lifespan.

Stay Comfy

Despite its fast-drying abilities, reticulated foam doesn’t compromise on comfort. This type of foam is widely used for outdoor seating applications. It is a popular choice among many for making comfy outdoor cushions.

Low Maintenance

There’s always a concern with regular outdoor foam cushions about when to bring them into cover, just in case of rain. This is especially the case for the UK where rain can strike seemingly out of nowhere. Reticulated foam helps ease that anxiety. That’s because if these cushions get caught in a sudden shower, they’re sure to dry off quickly.

Bonus: Superior Fire Resistance

As an added benefit, our exclusive, quick dry foam offers exceptional fire-resistant properties when compared to UK standard samples. You may have seen the burn tests we’ve conducted in the past but if not, you can find them on our dedicated outdoor cushion reticulated foam page.

Upgrade Your Cushions with Quick Dry Foam Today!

By opting to use reticulated foam for your outdoor cushions, you can confidently embrace the unpredictable UK weather, knowing that your outdoor space will remain comfortable and inviting.

We can cut reticulated foam to practically any size or shape you need. You can also order exactly what you need entirely through our website. It’s fast, simple and cost-effective. We even offer a next working day delivery service! Alternatively, you can select a preferred delivery day.

Place your order on our website today or get in touch if you need any assistance; we’re always happy to help. Call 01494 441177, email or fill out our contact form.

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