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Contract Bar Seating

For more than 45 years, GB Foam has been supplying upholsterers with custom cut foam for contract seating. Our heavy-duty contract seating foam is designed to last for years to come. This dual-layered cushion foam is made using a super firm reconstituted foam (chip foam) and is bonded with a top layer of GB 33H blue foam for extra comfort. These high-quality, heavy-duty seat cushions are ideal for commercial use and are available for next working day delivery!

If you can’t see what you need here, you can always contact us to discuss your requirements for custom contract seating. We can supply foam contract seat cushions in any dimensions you need.  To get in touch, email or call us on 01494 441177.

Standard Bar Contract Seating

Booth Seating Foam
This is our standard shaped bar contract seating, designed to rest flat with no wedge shaping. Made up of a 2 inch thick base layer of reconstituted chip foam and a 1 inch thick top layer of GB 33H blue foam. From front to back, this seat pad measures 20.5 inches and includes a 2 inch overhang. Available in 1 or 2 metre lengths. For custom sizes, please contact us.


Wedged Bar Contract Seating

Contract Seat Foam
This is a wedged version of our bar contract seating, professionally cut to include a gradual slope. Consists of a reconstituted chip foam base (Wedged 3" to 2" thick) and a top layer of GB 33H blue foam (1 inch thick). Features a 2 inch overhang and measures 20.5 inches from front to back. Available in 1 or 2 metre lengths. Please contact us for custom sizes.


Circular Bar Stool Pad

Bar Stool Seating Foam
This is a circular bar stool seating pad made using a super firm reconstituted foam base (2 inches thick) and a GB 33H blue foam top layer (half an inch thick) for added comfort. Combined, these high-quality foams make for excellent, heavy-duty bar stool cushions.


Square Bar Stool Pad

Banquette Seating Foam
This is a square shaped bar stool seat cushion consisting of a super firm, 2 inches thick, reconstituted foam base and a half inch thick, blue GB 33H top layer of foam for extra comfort. Together, these high-quality foams can be used to make excellent, heavy-duty bar stool pads.


Bar Stool Seating UK

Contract Bar Seating Made to Your Specifications

We don’t just offer the products above. In fact, GB Foam can manufacture contract seating to any dimensions you need! If you can’t find the product that you’re looking for on our website, please feel free to contact our team to discuss your requirements.

One of our experts will work with you to determine your requirements and can offer useful product and service advice. You can contact us by emailing, calling 01494 441177 or by filling out the form provided on our contact page.

Cut to Size Seating Foam

GB Foam Direct offers a fully fledged online foam cut to size service. If you are looking for replacement foam seat cushions, we have a variety of templates for you to choose from. Below, we’ve included a selection of popular seating foam shapes.

If you can’t find the shape that you’re looking for, you can view all of our templates on our homepage. If you would like our team to work from a physical or digital template that you have, please select the Custom Shape Foam option. This shape will allow you to upload a digital template or send a physical one to us in the post.

Contract Bar Seating Foam Applications

Restaurant Seating Foam

Our contract seating is perfect for commercial applications in a variety of areas including bars, shops, nightclubs, restaurants, pubs, schools and much more. This style of seating foam has been specifically designed to withstand continuous use over long periods. It is often used to make cushions for bar seating, banquette seating, booth seating and a variety of other fixed seating pieces.

Reconstituted foam, the base layer of our contract seat cushions, is a recycled product manufactured from various new offcuts of high-quality polyurethane foam. It is highly regarded as a sturdy, reliable and affordable foam and an ideal choice for use in contract seating applications.

Meanwhile, GB 33H (the top layer of our contract seating pads) is one of our most popular grades of upholstery foam. This blue high-density foam is a favourite amongst upholsterers and is often used for making a variety of high-quality seat cushions.

If you would like the learn more about either of these foam types or any others we offer, our team will be happy to answer your questions. Our experts can advise on topics such as application suitability, answer questions regarding fire safety ratings and much more.

Contract Seating Foam Specifications

GB 33H – Average (High Density) Hard Foam Specifications
APPARENT PIECE DENSITY 31.4 – 34.7 Kg/m3 BS EN ISO 845 : 2009 (ISO 845 : 2006)
NOMINAL HARDNESS 160-220 Newtons BS EN ISO 2439:METHOD B 2008
TENSILE STRENGTH 50 kPa (Min) BS EN ISO 1798: 2008
ELONGATION @ BREAK 90 % (Min) BS EN ISO 1798: 2008
COMPRESSION SET (DRY) 12 % (Max) BS EN ISO 1856: 2001


GB CHIP – Recon/Chip Foam Specifications
NOMINAL BLOCK DENSITY 86 – 105 Kg/m3 BS EN ISO 845 : 2009 (ISO 845 : 2006)

Contract Seating Foam FAQs

To help answer any questions you may have about our foam contract seating pads, we’ve put together a collection of questions that are frequently asked by our customers. If you can’t find the answer that you’re looking for speak to our team for advice.

Do You Offer Custom Size Contract Seat Foam?

Yes! As well as the standard contract seating foam sizes that we offer, we can also manufacture seating foam in any dimensions you need. If you require custom size contract bar seating foam please call or email our team for further details.

How Thick Should Bar Contract Seating Foam Be?

Our standard and wedge bar contract seating cushions are three inches thick as standard (2 inches thick Chip Foam and 1 inch GB 33H Blue Foam). If you would like to adjust the thickness of these seat cushions, contact us and one of our foam experts will work with you to provide the seat cushions you need.

How Thick Should Foam Be for Bar Stools?

Our circular and square shaped bar stool cushions are both 2.5 inches thick as standard. This consists of 2 inches of chip foam (reconstituted foam) for the base and half an inch of GB 33H blue foam for the top. If you would like to adjust the thicknesses or require any other customisation, please contact our team.

Can I Change the Foams Used for Contract Seating?

If you require an alternative foam to make your contract seat cushions, please contact us to discuss your requirements with our team. We can manufacture contract seat cushions in any style and size you need.

Why Choose GB Foam For Your Foam Cut To Size?

Our factory is equipped with the latest CNC cutting technology and throughout the years we have employed the most talented freehand foam cutters in the industry. Many members of the team have worked for the company for several decades and their attention to detail and quality control is something that only comes with years of knowledge and experience.

We have many customers who started with us in 1976 and are still working with us today, which we like to think reflects on our vision to be the most dynamic foam converter in our industry. For us no job is too big or too small. We offer the same level of service and delivery whether you are a retail customer ordering one piece of foam from home, or a large manufacturer ordering daily.

40 Years In BUsiness

GB Foam have been offering foam cut to size from our factory since 1976.

Hand Made In The UK

We employ the most talented freehand foam cutters in the industry.

ISO 9001 Quality

Our team work to the ISO 9001 quality standards to guarantee only the best

Super Fast Delivery

All orders placed before 11:00am will be despatched for next working day delivery

5 Year Guarantee

Our foam comes with a 5 year guarantee against faults in manufacture.

Flame Retardant

Our entire range of foam exceed UK safety and flammability standards.

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