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Why Add Dacron & Stockinette To Replacement Sofa Foam Cushions?

Stockinette Dacron Foam Cushions

Use Both Dacron & Stockinette On Your Sofa Foam!

Both dacron and stockinette go hand in hand. Whilst dacron helps to provide you with a fuller and firmer feeling cushion, stockinette makes it easier to insert and remove your cushion from its covers.

Dacron is great for enhancing the fullness of your replacement cushions. However, it is prone to becoming detached. Dacron is fitted to both the top and bottom of foam cushions and can have a tendency to rub against cushion covers.

By fitting stockinette in conjunction with dacron, you can prevent this from occurring. With this considered, GB Foam Direct recommends that both are fitted when ordering replacement sofa foam cushions.

What is Dacron?

When choosing to upgrade your cushions with GB Foam Direct, you’ll be offered the chance to choose extra add-ons. These come in the form of adding either dacron, stockinette, or both.

Dacron is a synthetic polyester. You may or may not know it by its other names – Terylene, Kodel, Polywrap, Holfil, Cushion Wrap or Fiberfill.

It’s important to understand how Dacron can further upgrade your cushions. At GB Foam, we can bond dacron to the surface of your replacement foam cushions. This helps to add extra loft to your cushion giving it an all-round fuller look.

What is Stockinette?

Stockinette is placed over the top of cushions to make them easier to fit into covers. It’s particuarly advantageous when used alongside dacron.

Stockinette is elasticized and is perfect for stretching over the top of foam cushions. It’s unique, machine-stitched design helps to generate some friction on the inside whilst promoting glide on the outside. This means that your foam cushions are held in place, whilst still making it easy for you to insert and remove your cushions.

Adding Dacron and Stockinette to Your Replacement Sofa Cushions

If you want to add these two extras to your replacement cushion order, it’s easy to with GB Foam Direct! All you need to do is follow the five simple steps as outlined on our foam cut to size page.

Step one involves selecting the right foam shape for you. You can choose from our extensive range of shapes, or alternatively select a custom shape.

Secondly, you’ll need to measure your original cushions and input them onto our website.

Next, you’ll have to select a foam type. High-density foam is recommended for replacement cushions.

Finally, you can choose to include add-ons to your order. It’s recommended to include both dacron and stockinette with your purchase of sofa cushions.

Please note that adding dacron to your order will increase the depth of your cushions by approximately 1cm on both the top and bottom. Take this into consideration when including dacron as it could affect your ability to properly insert your new cushions into covers.

Please also note that there are size limitations for fitting stockinette. The maximum size piece of foam we can fit stockinette to is 135 cm x 160 cm. If you are unsure whether your foam order will meet these requirements, please contact us.

Once you’ve completed these steps, all you need to do is place your order. Don’t forget that all orders made before 11:00 am Monday – Thursday are shipped for next day delivery!

How To Fit Dacron

How To Fit Dacron

When replacing Feather or Fibre cushions with foam, match the thickness of foam to the border width of the cover then add Dacron. This will add loft to your cushion and provide a full fitting cushion, with no excessively sagging covers.

Dacron is bonded directly to the top and bottom of the foam, without stockinette fitted it will rub directly against the cushion cover fabric and can sometimes become detached. Fitting stockinette prevents this from happening.

It is our recommendation that stockinette should always be fitted to all foam ordered with Dacron – this will ensure that the foam is protected from damage and prolong the life of your foam and make it far easier when re-fitting covers.

How To Fit Stockinette

How To Fit Stockinette

You should always fit stockinette to your order of foam if you’re planning to use it with a cover. It makes it much easier to slide the foam in an out of your cover and will not only reduce creasing of fabric but prevent premature wear to both the foam and the cover – ensuring your cushions retain their shape better and last longer.

In use, both foam and cover will always move against each other, the front seam of any cushion will naturally want to move backwards once it has been sat on. Without adding stockinette and dacron it is more likely to deform/misshape the cushion, by adding it you create a barrier between foam and fabric which reduces the level of friction caused between the foam and cover, as such once you get up the cover can more easily return to its original position.

Great care must be taken when handling items fitted with stockinette, it is very easy to snag or ladder stockinette – you can, however, be assured that this is only cosmetic damage and will have no effect on the quality or performance of the product. (we are unable to refund for damaged caused to dacron and stockinette).

Find Out More on Dacron & Stockinette

Our team of specialists are on hand to help you choose the perfect replacement sofa cushions and can provide advice regarding dacron and stockinette. We have bee providing a foam cut to size service for over 40 years in the heart of the UK and are happy to assist you in any way we can.

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