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Caravan Cushions, Caravan Mattresses & Motorhome Foam

Custom Caravan Cushions Made To Size

GB Foam Direct have been creating custom caravan cushions and motorhome cushions cut to size for over 40 years. We are one of the most experienced companies in providing replacement foam for people with caravans and motorhomes. Whether you require a total overhaul of foam and furnishings, or simple repairs and replacements. If it’s new caravan cushions or mattresses you need, we can help you every step of the way.

We can provide everything from the initial foam design to the supply of finished products. If you can’t find what you are looking for from the list below, you can always view our full range of foam cut to size shapes.

Order Caravan & Motorhome Foam Cut to Size - Step 1

Select Foam Shape

1. Select Foam Shape Below

Choose which shape most closely matches the type of Caravan Cushion or Motorhome Mattress you are looking to replace. Cant find the exact shape you are looking for? Why not view our full range of foam shapes.

Why Choose GB Foam For Your Foam Cut To Size?

Our factory is equipped with the latest CNC cutting technology and throughout the years we have employed the most talented freehand foam cutters in the industry. Many members of the team have worked for the company for several decades and their attention to detail and quality control is something that only comes with years of knowledge and experience.

We have many customers who started with us in 1976 and are still working with us today, which we like to think reflects on our vision to be the most dynamic foam converter in our industry. For us no job is too big or too small. We offer the same level of service and delivery whether you are a retail customer ordering one piece of foam from home, or a large manufacturer ordering daily.

40 Years In BUsiness

GB Foam have been offering foam cut to size from our factory since 1976.

Hand Made In The UK

We employ the most talented freehand foam cutters in the industry.

ISO 9001 Quality

Our team work to the ISO 9001 quality standards to guarantee only the best

Super Fast Delivery

All orders placed before 11:00am will be despatched for next working day delivery

5 Year Guarantee

Our foam comes with a 5 year guarantee against faults in manufacture.

Flame Retardant

Our entire range of foam exceed UK safety and flammability standards.

Love your Caravan & Motorhome Foam!

Caravan Foam Seats

The foam cushions we can make for you can be cut to any shape or style and will be made to your personal comfort requirements. We can take your old, worn out and unusable furniture fillings and replace it with excellent quality, long lasting foam that will not only meet current health and safety requirements but will last and provide you with years of quality and comfort.

It’s easy to get your replacement foam cushions or mattresses, just have a look at this checklist, think about your requirements, and then contact us:

Have I chosen the type of foam I require? If not you can always use our online foam calculator to select it for you

Have I got all the right measurements and dimensions I need? Why not pick one of our simple templates and let the foam calculator do the rest for you

What sort of finish do I need? Do you need stockinette and Dacron?

Do I have any other requests or requirements? When do you need your order to arrive, select a specific day for delivery

Caravan Cushions and Caravan Mattresses

Caravan Cushions, Caravan Seats & Caravan Foam

Get Prepared With Caravan Cushions and Caravan Mattresses

Have you recently purchased your first caravan? Or are you a veteran of the caravan lifestyle? Whether you’re experiencing caravan life for the first time, or you’ve been a part of it for donkey’s years, the best caravan cushions and caravan mattresses are a must. If you’ve never stayed in a caravan before, you’re going to need to make sure you’re properly prepared. This ranges from everything such as having the right toiletries to making sure you’ve packed your wellies (British weather permitting). However, one thing for us shines out above all else, and that’s making sure that you’re staying in comfort.

Why Buy Replacement Caravan Cushions and Caravan Mattresses?

Chances are, that the new caravan you’ve just purchased, isn’t equipped with the best caravan cushions and caravan mattresses. Second-hand caravan cushions and caravan mattresses may be worn out, whilst brand new stock ones may be of inferior quality. In order to get the ultimate level of satisfaction from comfort, you should consider upgrading your caravan’s upholstery.

Here at GB Foam Direct, we are able to offer a complete foam overhaul for your caravan. We are able to provide everything you’ll need, ranging from the initial foam design to the final foam product.

You may have owned your caravan for a while. It’s been well used and well loved. Unfortunately now, the caravan’s cushions and mattress are starting to wear out. That’s not a problem! We’re able to offer you entirely new foam cushions and mattresses to replace those worn out ones.

Simply follow the five simple steps as outlined on our homepage. It’s easy to do so and shouldn’t take you longer than ten minutes to complete. Before you know it, your order will be with you; just in time to hit the open road.

Caravan Cushions and Caravan Mattresses for Caravan Parks

If you own a caravan park and want your guests or residents to be comfortable, then you should certainly consider upgrading your caravan cushions and caravan mattresses whenever possible.

A comfortable environment is believed to significantly increase customer satisfaction levels. Alternatively, an uncomfortable environment is believed to dramatically lower levels of customer satisfaction.

A good place to start is by upgrading your caravan cushions and caravan mattresses. On average, Brits alone spend an estimated £2 billion on caravan holidays each year. Ensuring that your caravans are the most comfortable they can be, is a great way to attract prospective customers.

If you wish to purchase caravan cushions and caravan mattresses in bulk quantities for your business, feel free to contact us directly. We’re able to offer even greater rates to customers purchasing from us in bulk. What’s more, our team of experts will gladly offer you advice in regards to the best foam types and services to suit your needs.

Caravan Cushions – How To Upgrade Them

Caravan Cushions Upgrade Online

Bring Your Caravan Into the 21st Century.

Recently bought a second-hand caravan that’s looking a little worse for wear? Perhaps your present caravan could do with a makeover?  Maybe you’re searching for a summer project to sink your teeth into? Whatever the reason, upgrading your caravan cushions should be among the top of your priorities.

Upgrading your old caravan cushions will help bring it into the 21st century. No more stains, no more outdated fabric and most importantly, no more substandard caravan cushion filling.

The Benefits of Upgrading Caravan Cushions.

If you’re planning to upgrade your caravan cushions, then you’ve made a very wise choice indeed. Statistics indicate that there are approximately 1 million touring caravans, motorhomes and caravan holiday homes in the UK alone. Britain’s caravan club alone has roughly 850,000 members and many more take caravan holidays outside of this club. This leaves the potential for a vast number of caravans that require upgrading and even more holidaymakers sitting uncomfortably.

More than 51 million nights are spent in caravans each year. That’s a lot of nights! If we as a country are going to spend the equivalent of 36 billion minutes every year in caravans then we need to do so in comfort. There’s no better solution than upgrading your caravan cushions with quality foam from GB Foam.

How Can I Upgrade My Caravan Cushions Foam?

Here at GB Foam, we specialise in quality foam cut to size. This means that we can provide foam for any job or task, regardless of the shape or size. All you need to do is follow the five simple steps on our caravan cushion foam page.

Step one is to choose your foam shape. We provide numerous standard foam shapes, whilst also offering custom shapes for more unique jobs

Next, you’ll need to accurately measure your caravan cushions. Simply remove the cushions from the outer casing and take accurate measurements of the length, width, and height. You can input your measurements in mm, cm or inches.

Step three is the fun part, selecting your caravan cushions foam! Here at GB Foam, we stock a wide variety of foam grades. These range from comfy budget foam to amazingly soft, luxury memory foam. Choose wisely! Remember how many minutes we collectively spend in caravans.

Step four allows you to select additional add-ons. Adding stockinette and dacron, for example, will allow you to slide cushions into the outer casing more easily.

The final step is to place your order. Place your order before 11:00 am and your foam will be dispatched for next working day delivery!

Now You’ve Got foam for your Caravan Cushions!

Before you know it, your delivery of foam will have arrived ready to help create your quality caravan cushions. If you’re planning on upgrading your cushions outer cover, GB Foam recommends installing a zip for easy access.

Make sure to pick a fabric that not only looks good but is hard wearing and comfortable to sit on. You don’t want to go ruining the quality of your new cushions with shoddy fabric.

Also, if you don’t fancy upholstering the cushions yourself, there are plenty of people and companies out there that can help you. A seamstress, for example, may be able to help you. Check your local launderette to see if they offer any upholstery services.

Caravan Upholstery Foam – The Best Cushions for Your Caravan

caravan upholstery foam

Your caravan upholstery not only needs to look good it also needs to feel great as well! Choosing the right fabric for caravan upholstery is an important part of the process. Although, choosing the right cushion foam is arguably even more important. Want to get the best foam for your caravan upholstery? We’re here to make sure that you can!

Choosing A Fabric for Caravan Upholstery

There are many different types of fabrics which can be used for caravan upholstery. These fabrics come in a multitude of different styles, which only makes choosing the perfect one more difficult.

Choosing the way your fabric looks is entirely up to you. After all, you know your personal preferences better than anyone. What we can do is tell you a little more about some of the different fabrics available, to make your choice easier.

Types of Fabrics

Cotton – A naturally occurring material, made from the fibres of cotton plants. This is a durable material suitable for daily use.

Leather – A by-product of the meat industry, typically made from cowhide. If you’d prefer a synthetic alternative there are many faux leathers available on the market. Leather is relatively expensive, but ages well over time and hides scratches quite well.

Linen – Another natural material made from flax plant fibres. This is a relatively affordable material but isn’t particularly hardwearing.

Suede – Suede is leather with a napped finish generally made from lamb or sheepskin. This isn’t as durable as standard leather and is prone to staining. There are faux alternatives to suede if you prefer.

Wool – Made from the fine hair shorn from sheep. Wool is a comfortable material which is naturally fire-resistant. However, it is generally more expensive than some other upholstery materials.

Foam Cushions for Caravan Upholstery

We can’t supply you with fabric, but we can provide you with some of the best foam grades available in the UK. We stock a variety of foam types. You’re sure to find one which suits your preferences here.

Thanks to our foam cut to size service, you can order foam cushions cut to practically any size or shape of your choosing. Whether you need standard size cushions or something a little more irregular, we can help you!

Ordering foam cut to size from GB Foam Direct is simple. All it takes is 5 quick and easy steps.

First, select one of our 25 unique foam templates. This also includes a custom option if you can’t find what you’re looking for.

Next input your required measurements. These can be in cm, mm or inches. Whichever you prefer.

Now you get to pick your foam. Each type of foam comes with a description as well as application recommendations.

Step 4 asks you to select any add-ons you may wish to include. You can include stockinette and dacron with your order. This will help to add loft to your cushions and make them easier to insert into cushion covers.

Finally, all you need to do is place your order. We offer a next working day delivery service on orders placed before 11:00 AM Monday – Thursday.

If you require any assistance with your caravan upholstery foam order, please feel free to contact a member of our team. Use the information found on our contact page to get in touch.

Caravan Cushions & Caravan Mattress FAQ

Have questions about replacing the foam in your caravan? You may find the answer you’re looking for here! Below are some frequently asked questions about cushions and mattresses for caravans.

If you still can’t find the answer to your question or would like to discuss things further, our team of foam experts will be happy to help you out. Just head over to our contact page.

How Much Do New Cushions for Caravans Cost?

Caravan cushions can vary in size. As such, the amount of foam you’ll need for your replacement cushions will differ depending on the type of caravan you have. Our foam is priced based on the amount you need. If you need a quote, our website can take care of that for you via our foam cut to size page. Simply input the measurements you require and follow the proceeding steps.

What Foam is Best for Caravan Cushions?

We offer a wide range of foams for seating and many other applications. Our Luxury grades of foam are the best for seating applications, but we also offer an Average range. For seat cushions that are between 1 – 4 inches thick, a firm feeling foam would be best to offer significant support. Over this, you could instead opt for a medium feeling foam. Soft foam is best suited to back cushions. If you’re unsure about which type of foam is right for you, our team will be happy to help.

Which Shape Should I Choose for a Caravan Mattress or Cushions?

We can cut foam to practically any size or shape you need and have 25 templates for you to choose from. We offer specific shapes for both caravan cushions and mattresses. A caravan mattress is often shaped differently when compared to a regular mattress. If the caravan mattress you require needs a corner cut away, choose the Cutaway Corner Mattress shape. Think about what shape you require for your caravan foam and choose the template that closely matches it. If you can’t find the right shape, you can always use our custom option.

Do You Offer a Caravan Upholstery Service?

We can only provide the foam you need for your caravan cushions or caravan mattress. We do not supply upholstery fabrics or offer any recovering services. If you wish to get your caravan reupholstered, we would recommend enquiring with a professional upholstery company.

Do You Offer Trade Discounts for Caravan Upholsterers?

If you’re purchasing caravan foam for your business and intend to regularly, our team may be able to set you up with a trade account that will give you access to trade discounts. Please contact our team directly to discuss this service.

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