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Latest Foam Cut To Size & Product Reviews

  • Kelly Torres

    I'm very pleased with this, excellent service thanks

  • Janet Peterson

    Seems to be very high quality foam

  • David Miller


  • Aaron Jones

    Cut to shape exactly how I wanted it, thanks

  • Rob Anderson

    fantastic service, next day delivery, an excellent price and really comfy.

  • Joan Thompson

    A fantastic and professional service received thank you.

  • Irene Russell

    So glad I shopped here.

  • Janet Wright

    fantastic service, quick delivery and a good price too.

  • Sue Green

    This came the next day and was cut exactly how I wanted it. thank you so much

  • Denise Young

    I called to check delivery status and they were very helpful and gave me all the info I needed

  • Vince Jackson

    Perfect fit in the caravan, and very comfortable too.

  • Ann Ward


  • Edward Hughes

    Excellent cushions, the sofa feels like new again, thanks

  • Rose Johnson

    Well, this has saved me a pretty penny over replacing my whole sofa

  • Clive Parker

    Ordered the firm foam with dacron and stockinette. It's better than my expectations. Sofa is nice and bouncy again. No more sagging covers that drove me crazy.

  • Gavin Frasier

    Spot on, easiest DIY job the Mrs has ever given me. Followed your cushion measuring guide and just switched them out. Saved me on buying a new sofa in January.

  • Sara Barnes

    Very relaxing cushions. thanks GB

  • Helen Long

    amazing work, it was comfortable to both sit and sleep on.

  • Lisa Jones

    made some minecraft blocks for my son's room, very pleased.

  • Johnny Ward

    Excellent fit. I'll be coming back to you guys from now on.

  • Douglas Powell

    fitted perfectly and the measuring guide made life so much easier.

  • Joe Smith

    my sofa has never felt quite as new

  • Annie Flores

    This fitted really good without needing to adjust it myself

  • Andrea Harris

    very comfy, good job

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