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Latest Foam Cut To Size & Product Reviews

  • Jason Black

    So much better than polystyrene balls!

  • Dean Vickers

    Doggos loved it in the dog bed the Mrs made. Had fun trying to fill it and we have some left over.

  • Harriet Williams

    Like others have said before, for the price it is a fantastic mattress. We bought a best mattress from Lion Mattresses for our room and got one of these for the guest room.

  • James Sullivan

    Easy to roll up and fits well. We have a memory foam mattress from you so thought we should get the same home from home comfort whilst enjoying the van life :-)

  • Jamie Cole

    Took our new foam on a road trip and it is super comfy. Wish I had upgraded them sooner.

  • Bob Simpson

    What a difference some foam makes!

  • Martin Bailey

    Perfect Fit. Would recommend to others.

  • Sean Morris

    Took the new foam to an upholsterer. They made some awesome leather covers for them all branded up how we wanted.

  • Tom Jenkins

    I have recommended you to my friends at Sheffield Dubs

  • Sue King

    Husband was a happy camper! x

  • Brianna Moore

    Made an immediate difference to my recordings. Less time post production now cleaning up the sound. Thanks!

  • Stephanie Hall

    I alternated between grey and red. They look great and my son was over the moon with his new setup.

  • Angela Stephens

    I originally bought just the tiles but I was still getting echoes from lower end noises. These totally eliminated them! Thanks so much to your team for their help on how many I needed.

  • Tony Roberts

    Fits well with the bass traps. I opted for the red colour to match the bass traps and the colours are exactly the same.

  • Barry Reed

    Loving the blue tiles! Look great with the grey ones I bought from you before.

  • Justin Harper

    They look great and totally pimped out my studio with them.

  • Sophie Henderson

    Huge improvement to the acoustics in my room x

  • Eric Baldwin

    Was after some high density foam for a project. Was cut to my exact size and is perfect.

  • Victoria Fisher

    I now have a custom made window seat for my room. Can't be happier! Thanks again!!!!!

  • Alexis Short

    Perfect fit.

  • Willow Berry

    Happy with my order. You really did go above and beyond my expectations.

  • Carol Mccullough

    Great website, easy to place my order. Will use again.

  • Ashley Brewer

    PERFECT! Been looking for something to fill the space for a while.

  • Edward Lane

    Cut perfectly. Thanks for your help

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