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Latest Foam Cut To Size & Product Reviews

  • Casey Wood

    Thank you these were just what I needed and they look brilliant up!!

  • Ashley Glover

    32 pack. Much better acoustics since mounting these, very nice quality. :)

  • Nathan Russell

    Very pleased with my order it arrived the next day and was cut exactly as we asked.

  • Andrea Tutor

    Perfect for purpose and a fair price. Thank you.

  • Richard Maxwell

    Fantastic service from GB Foam this is the second time I've placed an order with them and on both occasions, I've been extremely satisfied. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend your company to friends.

  • Cara Reid

    Great service my order arrived on time and is so comfy, I love it!

  • mark lynch

    I bought the 24 & 4 kit. Haven't got around to putting it up yet but first impressions are good. The tiles and traps look really high-quality, cleanly cut and nice feel. Ordered in the morning and they arrived the next afternoon so really fast and professional service as well.

  • Joshua McKenna

    Purchased in blue. All good

  • Thomas Sams

    Bought these along with the blue traps to go in my office. They fit the colour scheme and really help to liven the place up. Super easy to install as well.

  • Jack O'Reilly

    Just what I needed noticed a difference straight away. Order arrived the next day like I was told it would. 5 stars!!!

  • Ellen Perrin

    Fantastic! Lovely looking tiles and great service.

  • Dan Marshall

    I'm a big fan of these. To b e honest I bought them more as a show piece for my studio to make the back wall look more lively and that's exactly what they've done.

  • callum hurst

    Very pleased with my purchase, the quality really shows through on these. Colour is bright and looks great in the flesh and they seem to be doing a good job so far.

  • Alan Lewis

    Alternated this with the grey. They look so cool together. The blue is really vibrant and goes with the room well.

  • Shawn

    Really nice bass traps, awesome colour!!

  • Andrea Roberts

    Huge thanks for your help on the phone. Would recommend your services to others.

  • Andrew Moss

    Really happy with this kit so far, it's actually exceeded my expectations as I wasn't expecting so much of a difference. Everything arrived when it should have. I'll be sure to recommend you.

  • Ralph Adams

    Arrived next day! Now to get them up on the wall.

  • Nicholas Martin

    Converted the garage into a music room with your wall panels and bass traps. Looks good and the sound is much better now.

  • Andrew Moss

    Fits great with the bass traps

  • Sam Rawinsky

    Does what they're supposed to do and my order arrived on time so very happy thanks :)

  • Amanda Gray

    Exactly what we needed for our attic room. We set it up as a home cinema and after spending quite a lot on a bose sound system thought we would invest in some of these to reduce the hollow echo noise we were getting from the natural acoustics up there. Worked a treat.

  • Ross Lystor

    Great results since using these they have made a huge improvement...

  • John Taylor

    Really good quality. Had them for a few months now in one project and they still look like new. Come back for a few more for another project.

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