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Latest Foam Cut To Size & Product Reviews

  • Edmund Harrison

    Decent quality and fast delivery. Pleased in all.

  • Jacqueline Walker

    A very nice product and not very expensive.

  • Stuart Hilditch

    Thumbs up!

  • Bridget Belgrave

    Lovely, thank you.

  • Maureen Gibbs

    Very satisfied with the foam crumb.

  • Flora Ward

    Super impressed with the amount you receive for the asking price.

  • Oliver Steer

    A very good price for the quantity and quality you receive.

  • Karl Matthews

    No issues ordering here. Quick delivery and fair prices.

  • Jane Craddock

    Wow! These look really cool. Got the tiles as well :)

  • Russell Eaton

    Easy to use and do their intended job.

  • Reece Campbell

    Never knew about these. Very useful.

  • Des Milne

    First time I've seen these available in blue. Had to give them a shot.

  • Nick Wood

    Very premium acoustic foam.

  • Steve Durkin

    These tiles work very well

  • Natasha Evans

    Couldn't be more happy with what you've managed to produce and in such little time.

  • Jill Adams

    Really well made and fast delivery times.

  • Adam Kovac

    Can't go wrong with GB Foam. Never let me down.

  • Walter Povey

    Better than my normal mattress. Considering an upgrade.

  • Darren Michael

    Very nice indeed, everything arrived as I wanted it.

  • Ken Holford

    Very comfy and high quality seat pads.

  • Andrew Semple

    Impeccable and professional service. Very pleased

  • Mark Benson

    All in order, great work GB Foam.

  • Tina Last

    Couldn't be any happier with my foam thanks a lot!

  • George Spratt

    Reasonable prices and quick turnaround

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