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£150million Down Britain’s Sofas Annually – What Could That Money Buy?

According to a recent survey by a popular furniture manufacturer, it’s estimated that Britain is losing £155,790,000 down the back of its sofas. With an average of £5.77 being found down sofas each year across 27million households, the mind boggles at what sort of things that money could buy. So, you don’t have to, we’ve put together a list of ten very British things you could buy with Britain’s loose sofa change.

British Sofa Money Infographic

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  1. Buy 600,000,000 Freddos at 25 pence each.

Back when Freddos were a mere 10p each you could have had a whopping 1,500,000,000. How times change.

  1. Pay Wayne Rooney for 21 Years.

After his switch to Everton from Manchester United Wayne Rooney’s pay was practically cut in half. To most people, the thought of that would make them shudder, but when you’re still earning around £150,000 a week, things aren’t so bad.

  1. Buy a luxury flat overlooking Buckingham Palace.

A luxury flat boasting 12 bedrooms and 12 bathrooms which overlooks Buckingham Palace went up for sale at £150 million in 2016. Good morning your Majesty.

  1. Buy an Entire North Yorkshire Village.

West Heslerton in North Yorkshire went up for sale for £20 million and has since been purchased. With £150 million you’d have plenty left to truly make the town your own.

  1. Buy everyone in the UK a pint of beer.

At an average of £3 a pint, you could buy everyone in the UK who is of legal drinking age a beer. Right now, there’s estimated to be 66,573,504 people living in the UK. Not all of them are 18 or over however, so you may have a bit left to spend afterwards.

  1. Build a 414ft luxury yacht.

The Octopus owned by co-founder of Microsoft Paul Allen measures in at 414ft and reportedly cost $200 million (£140,950,000) to build. The yacht itself has two submarines, a recording studio, a basketball court and much more! Some of the world’s greatest sailors came from Britain, why not celebrate that fact with a gigantic boat?

  1. Keep your Netflix account until the year 1,252,018.

A monthly subscription cost to Netflix is currently £9.99 assuming that doesn’t rise again you could renew your account for generations to come.

  1. Live in the Lanesborough Hotel for 16.4 years.

If you love luxury, you’ll love the Royal Suite of the Lanesborough Hotel. Why not stay there for more than 16 years with your £150 million? After all, it’s only £25,000 a night.

  1. Raise 652 children.

It costs on average £229,251 to raise a child so mathematically speaking you could raise 652 with your millions. Practically speaking however, it might not be so simple.

  1. Buy James Bond’s Car.

James Bond’s Aston Martin DB5 sold for £3million, meaning that in theory you could buy it 50 times over. One’s enough though. Drive around in an absolute classic, just mind the ejector seat button.


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