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How to Improve the Comfort of Your Office Chair

Improve Office Chair Comfort

The average office worker spends approximately 1,500 hours a year sitting on an office chair. That’s a lot of hours! If you’re going to be spending so much time sat down, you’re going to want to be as comfortable as possible. Unfortunately, not all office chairs are made the same and sometimes you may not get a say on which one you’re sitting on. Thankfully there are steps you can take to improve your level of comfort while working. If your office chair is feeling too uncomfortable, try these handy tips.

Pay Attention to the Way You’re Sitting

Sometimes it’s not the chairs fault. The way you’re sitting could be to blame for any complaints about comfort. When working behind a desk, many of us have a natural tendency to hunch and arch our backs.  You may be sitting too far away from your desk and leaning over to type on a keyboard. Instead, try moving your office chair closer to the desk. This way you can sit up straight while still being able to reach your keyboard.

Try not to fall back into bad habits. Always be mindful of the way you’re sitting and rectify your position if you find yourself slouching. Over time, this can really help to improve any back pain or stiffness you may be experiencing.

Ditch the Office Chair (For a While)

Okay, this one isn’t going to be for everybody and strictly speaking is not a way to improve the comfort of your office chair. With that said, did you know that standing desks are becoming more and more popular? That’s right, some people are casting away their office chairs and letting their own trusty legs support them throughout periods of the day.

In fact, new research led by Loughborough University suggests that employees who change their positions throughout the day are likely to perform better at work. Of course, constantly standing would be exhausting, but mixing your positioning up every so often may prove to benefit you.

Add Some Back Support to Your Office Chair

The correct back support can do wonders for your comfort levels while sitting on an office chair. We at GB Foam are specialists in foam cut to size. Every day we create foam products to provide comfort for people throughout the UK and beyond!

Our foam cut to size service allows you to purchase high-quality foam shaped to your preference. We’ve got a wide range of foam grades to choose from, so you’re bound to find one which suits your needs. Lumber support in the form of a foam cushion could be precisely what you need to improve the comfort of your office chair.

Have Your Office Chair Reupholstered

If you own your office chair and are particularly fond of it, you could consider having it reupholstered. Alternatively, you could take a shot at doing it yourself; it might become a new hobby. We sell a wide range of foam sheets here at GB Foam Direct which are perfect for upholstery purposes. From memory foam to high-density foam, there are 14 different grades to choose from!

Get a New Office Chair

If all else fails, you may just need to invest in a brand-new office chair. Constantly being uncomfortable will likely be affecting the way in which you work and could lead to long-term health complications. Spending a little bit extra on an office chair which provides you with long-lasting comfort and support is worth the extra money. Remember, you’re going to be sitting on it for approximately 1,500 hours each year.

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