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Blue Foam – The Purpose of Coloured Foams

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There are lots of different coloured foams available to buy; some are more common than others. Blue foam and white foam, for instance, are very common. These grades are generally used for upholstery applications, one of the most popular areas polyurethane foam is used.

Darker grey foams, on the other hand, are less common. These types of coloured foams are generally used for acoustic treatment or packaging applications.

What is the Purpose of Coloured Foam?

This rule doesn’t always apply, but in general, the colour of a foam helps to quickly denote what type of foam it is.

As mentioned, blue foam and white foams are typically used to pad furniture and various other upholstery applications.

Grey foams are generally used to make acoustic tiles and various forms of packaging.

However, for visual impact, we do also sell acoustic foam tiles, bass traps and corner cubes in both red and blue. This is an example of where the rule does not apply. There’s also a popular grade of upholstery foam that is a light grey colour (GB 41M); another example of where the rule doesn’t apply.

Standard memory foam has a distinctive cream colour. Meanwhile, pink foam often signifies a type of anti-static packaging foam used to protect sensitive electronic equipment.

In fact, it’s possible to make foam in practically any colour you want. Blue foam isn’t naturally blue, manufacturers add the pigmentation as an identifier. This means they can add different colours, should they need to.

With that in mind, those after a more unique colour that isn’t being mass produced (for example certain shades of purple), should note that companies must usually commit to a larger quantity before a foam manufacturer will agree to make it.

It’s also important to pay attention to the shade of a coloured foam. The suitability of a darker blue foam, for instance, could be completely different from that of a light blue foam.

Where to Buy Blue Foam Online?

A lot of our customers recognise the type of foam they need based on its colour. They may have used a certain colour of foam before and now want to buy more for a similar application.

Our most popular blue foam is GB39H. This is a luxury grade of foam with a firm feel. It’s often used for upholstery applications. These include quality sofa seat cushions, boat cushions, caravan bunks/seats, dining chair seat pads and much more.

You can buy GB39H as a foam sheet or in cut to size parts, depending on what you need it for. But before you go ahead and buy this type of blue foam, it’s always best to double check that it’s right for you.

Remember, colour alone does not always indicate suitability as colours can sometimes vary between manufacturers. Buying foam based on colour should initially be used as a rough guide before further investigation of the grade.

Speak to Our Team

If you need help buying blue foam on our website, are unsure about the foam suitability or have any other questions about the services we offer, please contact us. Our team of experts will be happy to offer assistance to help you get the foam you need. Call us today on 01494 441177 or use the form on our contact page to get in touch.

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