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Forget Camping Foam! Try Glamping With Memory Foam.

Glamping Camping Foam Memory Foam Bed

The Great Out-Snores.

How do you sleep outdoors? A blow-up mattress? A camping foam bed? Perhaps you just slum it on the floor?

Since the rise of glamping, the luxuries we used to associate with home, are beginning to come along with us on our travels. No longer are we simply putting up with sleeping bags, going without toiletries and lying on inferior camping foam. Now many of us are sleeping in style, in comfort, in bliss.

The History of Glamping.

Glamping is all about taking the luxuries of indoors, outdoors! It may seem like a modern-day trend however the premise of glamping has been around for centuries. Of course, camping foam didn’t exist way back when, but our ancestors still knew how to travel in style.

The Ottomans for example would set up luxury tent cities for the Sultan to reside in during his travels. Complete with luxuries and expensive furnishings, these tents were certainly a glamorous way to sleep outdoors. Later on, during the early 1900’s, wealthy travellers to Africa would demand home comforts whilst on Safari. Amongst various luxuries and personal chefs, travellers were also known for demanding luxury beds.

Sure, the term “Glamping” wasn’t a turn of phrase back then, but the premise behind it certainly existed. People have always valued their comfort in some form or another, so why should it be any different now? If you’re looking for true comfort in the great outdoors, forget camping foam! Try glamping with memory foam instead.

Memory Foam Is the New Camping Foam.

Forget those roll up matts made from inferior foam. They may be small and easily packed away, but that’s not what glamping is about. The best way to get a great night’s sleep under the stars is without a doubt, on top of memory foam.

Memory foam is superior to your generic camping foam due to its unique structure. Memory foam is famous for moulding to the unique shape of anything placed upon it. Once significant pressure is applied, the memory foam somewhat melts around any shape. This dramatically improves the amount of support provided whilst sleeping upon it. It’s like being cradled by a cloud.

There’s nothing glamorous about your bog-standard camping foam matts. However, there is something wonderfully luxurious about sleeping on memory foam, outside. If memory foam had been around at the time of the Ottomans, you can be sure the Sultan would have rested upon it. He certainly wouldn’t have settled for generic camping foam. Only the best for those that demand quality.

Say Goodbye to Camping Foam and Purchase Memory Foam Today!

Be the envy of every other glamper, with luxurious memory foam from GB Foam Direct. Sleeping outside needn’t be bothersome anymore. The camping “experience” needn’t come with dreadful connotations. Not whilst glamping continues its long running streak of popularity. Say goodbye to achy necks, sore backs and damp clothes. Never again shall you be burdened with such things.

For the best camping foam around, choose memory foam during your foam cut to size selection on GB Foam Direct.

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