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How To Make a Memory Foam Dog Bed

Memory Foam Dog Bed Made of Crumb Foam

On average, dogs spend 50% of the day asleep, 30% of the day inactive and only 20% active. That’s a lot of time to rest; time that many of us are likely quite jealous of.

If your four-legged friend is going to snooze all day, a memory foam dog bed is a must! You don’t have to spend a fortune making sure your pooch is comfortable though! In fact, you can make your very own dog bed at home. It’s simple, reliable and cost-effective.

A Memory Foam Dog Bed to Suit Your Style

The great thing about making your own dog bed is that you can make it suit you and your dog’s style.

Many of the more affordable dog beds available for purchase tend to be relatively generic. Of course, you could spend a few hundred pounds on something extraordinary. But why do that when you could make something both unique and affordable?

Before you begin making your dog bed, consider how you want it to appear. Should it be bright and colourful to resonate the bundles of energy that your dog has? Perhaps it should exhibit a classical style for the sophisticated canines out there?

No matter how you want your dog bed to look, it’s simple when you create your own. Just find a fabric that’s right for you and purchase in measurements relative to your dog’s size. Naturally, a Chihuahua won’t need as big of a bed as a Great Dane would.

Making Your Memory Foam Dog Bed

To make your dog bed, you’ll need some scissors, cotton, a sewing machine (or an able pair of hands), a tape measure and some chalk.

You also need to purchase some Crumb Foam. GB Foam Direct stocks a variety of crumb foam to suit all purposes. It’s easy to work with and highly affordable. What’s more, we ship all orders made before 11:00 am for next day delivery.

First of all, you’ll need to cut two equal squares or rectangles from the fabric of your choice. Make sure to use the tape measure to make equal measurements.

Next, use the chalk to mark the fabric and finally the scissors to cut it. After that, place the pieces of fabric on top of each other and sew along three of the four sides. If you’ve cut rectangular shapes make sure to leave one of the shorter sides unsewn.

Once completed, your dog bed cover should resemble an open bag. Take your crumb foam and pour it into the opening. If you prefer you can also install a zipper to make it easier to fill or refill as required. Once filled either sew the opening shut, or use the zipper you installed to seal it.

Guess what? You’re done! It really is that simple. There are however some extra steps you can take to truly make your memory foam dog bed unique.

Tips To Make Your Dog Bed Even Better!

If you want to take your brand-new dog bed to the next level, you could try these tips to truly make it superior.

  • Try placing your dog bed in a repurposed draw. This can look great, especially with a lick of paint.
  • Making a crate from scrap wood is also a popular choice for housing dog beds.
  • A hollowed-out side table is perfect for smaller dogs and allows you to truly make their bed a home.
  • For something a bit more unusual, try using a larger sized suitcase to place your dog bed in.
  • Removing the wheels and handle from a wagon is also something to consider.

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