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Caravan Mattress – Ordering a Custom Mattress For Your Caravan

caravan mattress foam

With GB Foam Direct, ordering your own custom caravan mattress is easy! We’ve been manufacturing custom foam products for more than 45 years and have helped bring comfort to caravans all across the UK.

With a wide range of foam types to choose from, a simple online ordering system and expert support at hand to assist whenever you need it, we can help you to get the perfect caravan mattress.

Choosing a Foam For Your Caravan Mattress

If you’re unsure which foam will be best for your custom mattress, here we’ll outline our personal recommendations. If you feel these foams aren’t to your preference, you can always contact our team directly. Our team will be happy to make foam recommendations based on what you prefer.

When asked about which foam to use for mattresses in a caravan, we tend to recommend a high-density, medium feel foam, topped with a layer of memory foam for extra comfort.

A good foam for a base layer on your mattress would be our Average Medium foam (GB 36M). The base should be approximately 10cm thick. If you would prefer a thinner base (anything under 2 inches), a firmer feeling foam would be more suitable. This base layer will help provide the support you need from your caravan mattress.

For the top layer, we recommend a piece of Memory Foam (GB 55M) that’s at least 5cm in thickness. This top layer will help to provide extra levels of comfort for your mattress.

Placing Your Caravan Mattress Order

To order your custom caravan mattress online, all you need to do is use our simple online tool. We have a dedicated caravan cushions and mattresses page that contains a variety of commonly used shapes. This includes a cutaway corner mattress, a shape commonly associated with caravan mattresses.

There’s even a custom template for any other shape you may need. By choosing this option, you’ll be able to upload or send us a custom template to work from.

After you’ve selected a shape, you’ll need to input the required measurements for your mattress using inches, cm or mm.

Following this, you’ll need to select a foam. This can be the foam we recommend or another type of your own choosing. Be sure to contact us before placing your order if you’re unsure which type of foam would be best.

The next step will ask you if you require Dacron and stockinette. You can read more about Dacron and stockinette in our dedicated guide.

Once this is done, you’ll just need to finalise your order. If you have selected a custom shape, you’ll need to upload a template for our team to work from. Alternatively, you can check the box stating that you’ll send us a template by post.

If you’re ordering a double-layered caravan mattress, we can join these two layers together for you. When asked if you would like to leave any instructions, simply ask us to laminate the layers. As an additional note, please be aware that we do not provide bespoke covers for custom mattresses.

Speak to Our Team

If you have any questions about ordering a custom mattress for your caravan, please do not hesitate to get in touch with one of our foam experts. You can call us on 01494 441177, email or fill out the form on our contact page.

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