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Seating Foam – What is the Best Foam for Seat Cushions?

what is the best foam for seating

When deciding on the best seating foam, you need to take a few things into account. That’s why we’ve put together this handy guide outlining our personal recommendations for the best foam seat cushions, by application.

If you still can’t find what you need or have some extra questions, our team of foam experts are always happy to assist.

Easy Cut to Size Seating Foam

Ordering seating foam cut to size is simple with GB Foam Direct. It only takes 5 simple steps to get the foam you need.

We have 25 templates for you to choose from and that even includes a custom shape option, allowing for practically any other design you may need.

Start by choosing the shape you need. Afterward, you’ll be asked to add your required measurements in cm, mm or inches.

Next, you’ll choose your foam. We stock many foams suited to a wide range of applications. Below, we’ll discuss our personal recommendations for a variety of common seating foam applications.

Once you’ve chosen a foam, you’ll have the choice of whether to include Dacron & stockinette with your order. If you’d like to know more about when to include these and the benefits they offer, you can read our dedicated guide.

After you’ve decided on whether you require extras, the last step is for you to finalise your order. If you’re ordering before 11:00 am Monday – Thursday, we’ll aim to dispatch your order for delivery on the next working day.

You can find all of our foam shapes on our homepage.

Best Dining Chair Seating Foam

The type of foam you choose to have on your dining chair will depend on how thick you would like your seat pad to be.

Thin seat pads (approximately 1” thick) are best suited to a very firm foam that can offer enough support. Our High-Density Super Hard Foam (GB 42SH) would be suitable in this instance.

Thicker seat pads (2” – 4” in thickness) can use a slightly less firm foam such as our Luxury Firm Sofa Foam (GB 39H) or our Average Hard Foam (GB 33H).

Best Foam For Sofa Seat Cushions

We offer a premium range of luxury sofa foams (GB 39H, GB 41M, GB 39S) that are perfect for reviving your furniture.

For sofa seat cushions, we would either recommend a medium or firm luxury sofa foam, depending on what thickness you need.

When it comes to  1” – 4” thick seat cushions we would recommend the Luxury Firm Sofa Foam.

For cushions over 4”, we would recommend the Luxury Medium Sofa Foam.

Luxury Soft Sofa Foam is usually only suitable for replacing sofa back cushions.

Best Outdoor Seating Foam

The best outdoor seating foam is reticulated foam. This special grade of foam has a unique cell structure, with open faces, allowing water to pass freely through them. This unique structure gives reticulated foam quick-drying properties, making it perfect for use outdoors.

Best Seating Foam For Boats

Just like outdoor cushions, a great foam to use for boat seating is reticulated foam. Being around water means that boat cushions are likely to get wet from time to time. Having a foam with quick-dry properties will help to eliminate the risk of mould and mildew growing on your cushions if they happen to get wet.

Best Campervan Seat Foam

Campervan seat foam is unique as it usually needs to be both sat on and slept on. Because of this, you need foam with the ability to offer comfort and support throughout the day and night.

When people ask us what we think the best foam for campervans is, we tend to recommend a dual-layer foam. That’s a high-density base layer of foam for support, topped with a layer of memory foam for extra comfort.

Our Average Medium Foam (GB 36M) at 10cm thickness, topped with approximately 5cm of memory foam, is what we suggest. Here you can read more about campervan mattresses and cushions.

Speak to Our Team

Remember, these are all only suggestions, we always recommend that you contact our team if you are unsure which type of foam would be most suitable for you. One of our experts will be happy to offer advice based on your preferences. Head over to our contact page or call 01494 441177.

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