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Choosing the Right Packaging Foam for Your Items

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Which Packaging Foam to Choose?

Foam is a fantastic material which offers a multitude of benefits. We sit on it during the day and sleep on it throughout the night. It can be used to create props and can even help to improve the quality of sound we perceive. One of its more popular uses is protecting items. Packaging foam comes in all manner of sizes and various types. As such, it can sometimes be difficult to know which type of foam is right for you. We’re here to help you make the right decision.

Closed Cell Foam – Plastazote

Plastazote is a unique type of polyethylene foam. This closed cell foam is incredibly durable, yet flexible. It has a high impact threshold which makes it ideal for protecting many items of significance. This type of foam can also be easily or milled to house a range of items securely. It can often be found used as case inserts for a vast array of items.

Anti-Static Packaging Foam

Anti-Static Packaging Foam (Sometimes referred to as ESD Foam or eFoam) is a specialist foam packaging used to protect electrical items. For mobile electrical equipment of high value or importance, this packing foam is a must. This foam helps to dissipate electrostatic charges which can build over time and interfere with components within electronic devices. Anti-Static foam is pink in colour which helps to signify its unique attributes.

Coloured Packaging Foam

Sometimes we want our packaging foam to do more than simply protect our items. Here at GB Foam, we are able to match foam to almost any RAL or Pantone colour. We’ve previously helped to create coloured retail packaging foam for a number of prolific brands. This foam can be used to protect and showcase items for the retail market or items used at promotional events, for example.

Foam Crumb

We like don’t like waste here at GB Foam. As such, we crumb any offcuts of foam so that they can be repurposed. Foam crumb is often used as a small cushion or bean bag filling to provide added levels of comfort over traditional fillings. However, it can also be used as a packaging for items through transit. This, of course, shouldn’t be used for fragile items and those of high importance or value. Although, it is a great choice for items that can benefit from some added protection during the delivery process.

Packaging Foam Sheets

Our GB HLB Packaging Foam Sheet is a versatile foam which can be used to protect many items through day-to-day life. It can be used within flight cases, toolboxes, briefcases or even cardboard boxes. Available in sheets of 230cm x 200cm or 230cm x 100cm, you can cut this foam to your desired preferences depending on the item in need of protection.

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