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Cheap Foam Vs Quality Foam – What’s The Difference?

Cheap Foam vs Quality Foam

Are You Unknowingly Considering Cheap Foam?

The difference between cheap foam and a quality foam isn’t necessarily just the price you pay. In fact, there are many contributing factors which help determine whether you’re looking at buying cheap foam or quality foam.

It’s a common presumption that when it comes to foam, you get what you pay for. Whilst this does have an air of truth to it, cheap foam isn’t always inexpensive and quality foam doesn’t always cost a fortune.

It really comes down to the foam retailer you choose. Ask yourself –

Does the retailer value product quality over profit margins?

Do they have extensive knowledge regarding the products they offer?

Can they afford to be priced competitively without sacrificing quality?

When it comes to GB Foam, it’s a ‘Yes’ to all of the above!

Say No To Cheap Foam, Purchase Quality Foam at Affordable Prices.

We do stock cheap foam here at GB Foam Direct. However, we refer to cheap foam in regards to its price, not in terms of quality. We only use the highest quality foam in all of our products, this is our promise to you.

But how can we afford to offer such competitive rates across all of our foam products? The answer is simple! We cut costs in all the right places and pass those savings to our customers. We don’t cut costs by using cheap foam, instead, we do so by cutting out the “middleman”.

We’re proud to say that GB Foam Direct operates as both the manufacturer and retailer of high-quality foam products. All of our products are created in our state of the art factory in High Wycombe and then sold online.

We don’t pay somebody else to make our products, which means we don’t have to up the price of your purchase. Cheap foam that’s also quality foam; we see that as the perfect combination.

How to Spot Cheap Foam.

A great deal of the time, cheap foam is likely to come from overseas. This isn’t always necessarily a bad thing, however more often than not imported foam will be lacking in quality. This is because many countries do not uphold the same standard of quality control that Britain and Europe do.

Here in England, basic quality control is still considered to be relatively high in comparison to countries such as China. The good news is, that all products supplied by GB Foam Direct are made here in the UK. All of our products adhere to ISO 9001 quality control standards and exceed UK fire safety regulations.

Due to the lack of quality control for cheap foam, you’ll likely notice that products degrade at an increased rate. Saving money on cheap foam isn’t always the best solution, especially when you’re replacing it more often than usual.

In the long run, you’re likely to save more money by purchasing foam of a higher quality. High-quality foam tends to be denser, and as such more durable. The lifespan of high-quality foam could prove to last twice the amount of time when compared to cheap foam.

Also, due to strict UK regulations, foam made in this country is likely to be much more eco-friendly than foam which has come from overseas.

There’s plenty of reasons to choose high-quality foam, but this doesn’t mean you have to splash the cash. Use the GB Foam Direct foam cut to size calculator today and see for yourself.

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