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What is Foam Rubber?

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When rubber is expanded using a foaming agent, it is referred to as foam rubber. Composed of an air-filled structure, foam rubber is generally shortened simply to foam when used in day to day conversation. This name either refers to latex foam (used in some mattresses) or polyurethane foam. It is the latter, which we at GB Foam Direct primarily deal in.

Who Created Foam Rubber?

Since around the 1940’s foam rubber has been used commercially throughout a wide range of applications. It was first created in 1929 by chemists working for Dunlop Rubber. They were experimenting with whipped latex when they made the discovery.

During the 1950’s, Charles C. Price discovered and patented polyether polyurethane rubber. This discovery further popularised the materials use across a broader spectrum of industries.

How is Foam Rubber Made?

During the manufacturing process of rubber, a foaming agent is introduced to give the material an air-filled matrix structure. The polymerization process can range from a few seconds to a few minutes depending on the type of polymer used.

To begin with the chemicals needed to create foam rubber are mixed into a mixing head; generally, this process is automated. Once sufficiently blended, it is poured out onto a conveyer belt where it can cure. The foam then travels along the conveyer belt and can be cut using a horizontal band saw. In many large-scale operations, the foam forms a continuous line on the conveyer belt and is cut into separate blocks. Those blocks are then delivered to foam converters such as us, where we can work them into everyday use products.

What Is Foam Rubber Used For?

Many of the products you see on our website are manufactured using foam rubber. This type of foam is used in a wide variety of applications. As you can see from our foam cut to size service, we have 24 different template shapes to choose from. As well as this, we offer a custom foam option for you to create practically any unique shape you may envision.

Thanks to advancements in foam cutting technology, we can cut foam to almost any shape and size. Our CNC routing machines, for example, can be programmed to replicate complex cutting patterns time and time again. With that said, we still rely on the skill and precision of our talented members of staff. We employ some of the most experienced and talented freehand foam cutters in the country.

On a daily basis, we cut foam for use within the likes of replacement sofa cushions, caravan cushions, mattresses, upholstery foam and so much more! We stock a wide range of foam grades here at GB Foam Direct, each with different properties and benefits. You’re bound to find a grade to suit your needs here.

Life is Better With Foam Rubber

We may not always see it, but foam rubber helps to improve our lives every day. Whether it’s through comfort or protection, foam is a truly unique and wonderful material. Check out our foam cut to size page today to see how it can help you.

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