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What is a Foamsmith? Closed Cell Foam for Cosplay

Foamsmith Armour UK

The name Foamsmith is a relatively new name given to a person who uses foam to help them create costumes and props. Derived from the cosplay community, it is a term that is beginning to attract more use and popularity. Foam (particularly closed cell foam) is a material often used in cosplay costume making and every day more people are practicing to become a Foamsmith.

What Does A Foamsmith Make?

A Foamsmith can create whatever their mind is capable of conceiving using foam as the base material. However, costumes and props created by a Foamsmith are often inspired through (often fictional) imagery found in popular culture. Inspiration can be found in everything from video games to movies and books.

The Foamsmith Community – What is Cosplay?

Cosplay is the practice of dressing up as a character featured in a movie, book, video game and more. Cosplayers often take a lot of pride in their costumes. They passionately work to make them as true to the character they intend to portray.

Because it can sometimes be difficult to source a costume in the likeness of a particular character, many cosplayers resort to creating their own. This practice has become somewhat of a popular sub-culture in the cosplaying community. Much of the appeal of the hobby often stems from the actual process of costume creation. Costume makers such as these are sometimes now affectionately referred to as a Foamsmith.

A Foamsmith often shares their creations (and sometimes the creation process) with other enthusiasts on social media, in public forums and at the events they congregate at. Comicon is likely the most publicised and well-known event which many cosplayers attend.

Why the Name Foamsmith?

Because certain foam grades (such as Plastazote & EVA Foam) are a highly versatile and easily workable material, they are often used for costume and prop creation in the cosplay community. This is what helped to bring about the term Foamsmith when referring to an individual who works with foam.

A smith is an individual who typically works with metal to create an array of objects. A prefix is often attached to this word to indicate an individual’s particular trade.

For example, a blacksmith works with iron and steel (because iron was known as the black metal). Comparatively, a goldsmith works with, you guessed it, gold! The same now applies to an individual who works with foam, hence the term Foamsmith. The term likely came about due to the fact that blacksmiths often show prevalence in a variety of fantasy works.

What Foam Does a Foamsmith Use?

A Foamsmith often works with closed cell foam. This is because it is a highly durable material which is also very flexible. It can be easily cut and shaped by hand, making it suitable to create a variety of different pieces. Popular foam types used by a Foamsmith include Plastaztoe and EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate) closed cell foam.

If you’re a professional Foamsmith or a Foamsmith in training, take a look at the closed cell foam we stock. We sell sheets of Plastzote LD33 in a variety of lengths and thicknesses. Take a look to find out more about this unique and fantastic closed cell foam.

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