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Egg Box Foam – Why Wave Profile Foam is Better!

egg box foam vs wave profile foam

What is Egg Box Foam?

Egg Box Foam is traditionally used for the likes of packaging and acoustic treatment. It is created by feeding various grades of foam through a foam convoluter.

Foam convoluters generally feature two large metal rollers. The space between the rollers can be adjusted to create different thicknesses of egg box foam sheets. Between the rollers is a sharp thin blade which divides the sheet of foam in two.

To create an egg crate foam effect, the metal rollers feature multiple protruding stems which firmly press into the foam as it is fed through.

What is Wave Profile Foam?

Wave profile foam features a series of ridges in a wave-like fashion. This design is CNC cut using computer aided machinery. Like egg crate foam, it is also suitable for use as packaging and for acoustic treatment.

CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control. CNC cutting equipment is renowned for its ability to replicate precise cuts. This means that whether you’re manufacturing 10 wave profile foam sheets or 1000, the same level of precision will remain consistent.

By creating a CAD (Computer Aided Design) File in design software, we can accurately map out any desired measurements and other specifications before manufacturing.

Once the CAD File has been finalised, it is converted to a CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) File. This is a unique type of file which CNC cutting equipment can interpret.

Under the observation of an operator, the CNC machine then proceeds to replicate the design as many times as required.

The Disadvantage of Egg Box Foam

It is not simple to create egg box foam to certain preferences. This is because egg box foam is shaped using large metal rollers.

If pocket width needs to be adjusted, for example, the entire shape of the roller would need to be redesigned.

Creating egg crate foam sheets with a unique design would require two custom made metal rollers.

This is an expensive and specialist procedure which would likely require additional services from a third-party manufacturer.

Buy Wave Profile Foam at GB Foam Direct

Unlike egg box foam, we can create wave profile foam to your preference.

Wave profile foam can be manufactured using a variety of foam grades. This includes acoustic foam for sound treatment applications and many colourful foam grades.

As well as acoustic treatment, wave profiles make for great packing foam. It securely holds your items in place and sheets slot together for easy storage. Because it is manufactured using CNC cutting equipment, it will exhibit consistent and clean-cut lines.

If you would like to purchase wave profile foam, please contact a member of our team. Our experts will be happy to assist you with any foam related queries.

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