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Needle Felting Foam For Needle Felting Kits

Needle Felting Foam Kits

We at GB Foam Direct offer foam cut to size for a variety of purposes, including needle felting foam. No matter what our customers require foam cut to size for, we will always endeavour to provide them with the ideal solution. If you’re searching for needle felting foam, cut to size for needle felting kits, then we’re here to help.

Why Would I Need Needle Felting Foam?

If you own a business which offers needle felting kits, then naturally you’ll need an abundance of foam for needle felting. By purchasing needle felting foam in bulk quantities, directly from GB Foam Direct, you’re certain to make huge savings. We not only offer foam for needle felting here at GB Foam Direct, we also fabricate it. This means that we’re able to produce needle felting foam, cut to your exact specifications.

Our factory in High Wycombe, England is fully equipped with the latest foam cutting technology. As such, we can implement some of the most advanced foam cutting techniques in order to provide you with superior foam for needle felting. We’ve been offering foam cut to size for over 40 years, and can offer some of the most valuable advice in the business. We don’t expect our customers to fully understand the foam industry and as such are always happy to help.

Why Purchase Needle Felting Foam From GB Foam Direct?

There’s plenty of reasons to purchase foam for needle felting from us. We’re not only the retailers of foam cut to size, we’re also the manufacturers! Purchasing from us, means that you’re cutting out the “middleman”. As such, you’re not paying out extra for third-party markups.

We only use the highest quality foam to fabricate all of our products here at GB Foam Direct. Thanks to our experience, we’re able to advise you on the best type of needle felting foam. All of the foam we offer is manufactured to adhere to strict ISO 9001 specifications and is highly flame retardant. Purchasing foam for needle felting directly from us, helps to give our customers the reassurance they need. Naturally you’ll only want to offer the best materials in your needle felting kits. Our foam is not only made to the best possible standard, it’s also extremely cost effective.

Purchase Needle Felting Foam From GB Foam Direct

If you want to ensure that your needle felting foam kit is of superior quality, purchase from us today. We’re happy to offer bulk quantities of needle felting foam cut to size, for companies compiling needle felting foam kits for sale.

Unfortunately, due to purposes of practicality, we are unable to offer small orders of foam for needle felting. Our needle felting foam service is ideal for companies wishing to sell needle felting foam kits for retail purposes in orders of 1000 or more. For the very best needle felting kits we would recommend a foam size of about 6 inch x 6 inch x 2 inch using our Luxury Firm Sofa Foam – GB 39H.

If you wish to purchase from us, get in touch with one of our advisers today. Our fully informed team of experts are always happy to help you with any enquiry you may have. We can offer you advise regarding the best type of foam for your unique purpose, as well as advice regarding pricing.

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