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Dreamer - Ultimate Memory Foam Pillow

Dreamer – Ultimate Memory Foam Pillow – 40% Off Today

£ 29.99

Our Ultimate Memory Foam Pillows are 100% breathable with a removable washable, cool touch temperature sensitive cover. Handmade in the UK these are the best memory foam pillows available right now.

Latest Foam Cut To Size & Product Reviews

  • Alexander Mcbride

    Brilliant pillows, so comfortable, very pleased with my purchase

  • Steve Leakey

    Very comfortable

  • Janet Atkins

    Great comfort

  • Ian Hamilton

    Great pillow. So I’ve ordered another. Thanks

  • Wendy Bennett

    Memory Foam Pillow - Very comfortable

  • Ian Armstrong

    OMG it’s perfect, only used for 4 nights but the best sleep I’ve had for a long time. Will be getting another.

  • Martin Jarvis

    Sleep improver. I struggle with pillows but this one is gradually making a difference. Now getting used to it firmness is good for a side sleeper

  • hilary mcdonagh

    Great pillow. This is so comfortable - good buy

  • Christine Rutson

    bought on a whim with foam purchase, very pleased with its quality and comfort.

  • Mrs G M Clayton

    good night’s sleep soft and comfortable

  • Uloma Okwuosa

    Pillow heaven. In combination with my mattress, I am simply in sleep heaven.

  • Josie Cane

    I am a terrible sleeper and can never get comfortable. So far so good with this pillow! Have slept and no stiffness in the morning.

  • David Bolus


  • Ernest Coelho



    This pillow is better than expected, no more neck pain, love it.

  • Neil Stevens

    Supremely comfortable

  • Alison Campbell


  • Beverley Cotton

    Love this pillow! Great quality, very comfy, and at a good price along with the foam I bought.

  • Samantha Dietz

    Nearly as good as my Tempurpedic

  • Johnny Frankland

    Happy with pillow

  • Rob Burns

    Great sleep - These pillows gave me the best night of sleep that I have had in years.

  • Joseph Roberts

    Very impressed with pillows, now getting a better nights sleep

  • Michael Wilder

    Got this on sale. After trying it I would have gladly paid the full RRP.

  • Kay Clement

    An incredibly comfy pillow, wish I had bought another now.

  • Jackie Crabtree

    I've been eyeing up a memory pillow for ages, finally bit the bullet on this one. Incredible!

  • Sue Russell

    My new favourite thing

  • Shirley Simms

    A definite one for dreaming. Appropriately named.

  • Oliver Hyatt

    Amazing pillow. I'm a memory foam convert.

  • Janet Peck

    Perfect for a snooze any time of the day :)

  • Deborah Kiely

    Had to get these when I bought one of your mattresses and I love them. Best pillows ever.

  • Susan Spiers

    Glad this stayed on sale was hoping it wouldn't go back to rrp before payday. A wonderful pillow thanks.

  • Sarah Thomas

    My first memory foam pillow and its my most favourite pillow ever.

  • Gary Innis

    I used to sleep with two sets of pillows, but since owning this find I only need the one.

  • Linda Anderson

    Was told by friend to give a memory foam pillow a go and saw that this one was 40% off! Great advice indeed, this pillow is wonderful.

  • Philip Rutter

    Best pillow I've ever slept on hands down.

  • Mark Broadhurst

    This has helped with my sore neck. Seems to offer much more support than other pillows I've used before.

  • Jackie Moore

    Love these pillows. Might ask for more for Christmas :)

  • James Dingle

    Cosy... Zzzzzzzz

  • Tracy Higgins

    Need to buy another one of these. I usually sleep with two pillows so now have one poor one and this fantastic one.

  • Janet Chadwick

    So soft and supportive, I love it.

  • Susan Law

    These are wonderful pillows, I've bought them for every bed in the house.

  • Martha Bailey

    lovely and comfy - thanks

  • George Thompson

    This pillow is very comfortable.

  • Wanda Reed

    I only got out of bed to write this review, I'm going back lol.

  • Carol Thomas

    Very good product, works a treat.

  • James King

    Lovely and comfy, thanks

  • Todd Turner

    It's like laying your head sown on a little cloud.

  • Joseph Bryant

    Amazingly comfortable, perfect nights sleep

  • Todd Sanders

    this has made a huge difference to my neck in the mornings

  • Anne Barnes

    soft soft soft could sleep for days

  • Andrew Patterson

    I used to get terrible neck ache with too soft or too flat pillows but this has made a world of difference

  • Harold Turner

    I'd love to review this pillow properly however I haven't had much time awake with it its just been head down and lights out then I'm gone - great pillow

  • Travis Allan

    I was getting really frustrated with the number of pillows I was getting through. So far this one is standing the test of time.

  • Sara Marriott

    Bought at 40% off, glad I did :)

  • Craig Betts

    I want to take this pillow everywhere with me.

  • Alicia Fuller

    Lovely and soft, been looking for a decent pillow for so long.

  • Sam Yates

    Boyfriend and I slept so well with our new mattress and pillow. Should have gone to memory foam sooner.

  • Leah Harvey

    Makes me want to go to bed early lol

  • Tim Hawkins

    Added this to the cart at the last minute. Really glad I did. The Mrs is well happy with them. Boy did good :-)

  • Alex Jackson

    Only bought the one to test out and now me and my partner both want it. Will be buying a second.

  • Faith John

    Lovely memory foam pillow and I picked it up for a great price. I have two of them and use fibre ones underneath so can clearly tell the difference between each and it's quite a difference.

  • Joe Harvey

    Bought a set of these along with a mattress as they were on sale. I really like them.

  • David Thomas

    Never tried a memory foam pillow before, but I must say I'm impressed. I've certianly been converted from the regular fiber filled ones.

  • Edward White

    Love this pillow. Comfiest one I've ever owned, I hope it lasts.

  • Rachel Samways

    Good This pillow is quite firm and has taken some getting used to, as I have used feather pillows all my life.

  • Keith Harris

    Bought for truck. Not tried yet but looking forward to sleeping on these! A couple more of problems which Lauren kindly sorted for us


    Love my new pillow arrived with my new caravan cushion.

  • Mark Rutherford


  • Beth Alexander

    Excellent product and company. We have purchased before and cannot rate too highly the quality of the product and especially the extremely efficient ordering and delivery service. Thank you, it's a pleasure to deal with your company.

  • Hilary White

    Astronauts must sleep a lot thanks to memory foam. Brilliant Pillows.

  • Matt Henry

    My girlfriend used to always complain about my pillows when stopping over. Bought a pair of these and now she wants some herself. Looks like I will be buying some more at some point.

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