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Latest Foam Cut To Size & Product Reviews

  • Nichola Dines

    What a great little website thank you for my foam.

  • Richard Horsley

    Easy to order and hassle free

  • James Aldred

    Perfect foam made just how I needed it. Nice one.

  • Lisa Logan

    No issues whatsoever

  • Scott James

    Quality foam :D

  • Jessica Dawson

    Arrived the very next day, very quick delivery.

  • Sheila Hill

    The window cushion fits exactly! Wooo!

  • Karl Parker

    Can't beat a decent cushion.

  • Samantha Mason

    Ordered this shape a few months ago and needed another, unfortunately, I misplaced my measurements. Luckily GB Foam was able to recover them for me and gave me another great piece of foam.

  • David Phillips

    Measures up perfectly thank you guys.

  • Luke Welton


  • Lee Pickering

    Can't fault your service 5 stars

  • David Johnson

    Arrived quickly as promised

  • Linda Kearney

    So happy to finally have some new caravan cushions.

  • Mark Fitzpatrick

    Brilliant foam cushions thanks!

  • Gary Baker

    Excellent. Nice and comfy sofa cushions.

  • Kay Oram

    Thank you GB Foam.

  • Elaine Butler

    Cheaper than many of the other mattresses I was considering and I couldn't be happier with it.

  • Jennifer Parker

    What a wonderful mattress and a wonderful price to go with it.

  • Arthur Marks

    Was a bit shocked when this arrived rolled up. I thought you'd sent me the wrong product for a moment. A good system actually. Was really easy to move. As for the mattress 5 stars it's brilliant.

  • Ann Jackson

    A really great mattress. Bought for our boy, but I gave it a quick test when it first arrived. He seems to like it as well.

  • Susan Currie

    My husband and I both love this mattress.

  • Richard Gray

    Owned this mattress for about a month now, wanted to leave it a little while before I left a review. It's served me great since I've owned it a very good mattress in all.

  • Kevin Johnson

    A decent mattress for the price thanks a lot.

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