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Latest Foam Cut To Size & Product Reviews

  • Louise Stewart

    Love this foam kit, so easy to pop in and very comfy.

  • Helen Pink

    Perfect. Couldn't ask for more.

  • Janet Peck

    Perfect for a snooze any time of the day :)

  • Kirsty Malley

    Top notch!

  • Clive Ward

    Lovely and comfortable.

  • Gerald Smith

    Great cushion. Thank you GB Foam.

  • Kerry Walsh

    Can't put a price on safety. Thank you x

  • David Routledge

    All good. Ta

  • Amelia Halsey

    Wow giants bags for little money. Thank you.

  • Anne Gilligan

    Super foam crumb :) Nice and comfortable.

  • Verity Britton

    All arrived safely can't wait to fill my bean bags.

  • Neil Chapman

    Really rate your acoustic foam. A quality kit!

  • Colin North

    "Blue" me away ;)

  • Daniel Allsop

    Very nice bass traps love the red!

  • Stephen Spring

    Had to get some new bass traps after the first ones I bought elsewhere were poor quality. These are a huge improvement.

  • Keith Petts

    Handy pieces to have, cheers.

  • Stephen Hyde


  • Patrick King

    Couldn't pass up on the red tiles. Wasn't specifically looking for them, but glad I got them.

  • Warren Evans

    Fantastic acoustic foam tiles and a good price.

  • Benjamin Roebuck

    Couldn't make me happier if you tried. Great foam and made to my specifications. Thank you for your hard work GB Foam Direct.

  • Mark Pike

    Fantastic work, highly recommend this company.

  • Robert Morgan

    Top work from GB Foam!

  • Jaan Larner

    Fits right where it needs to. Great work.

  • Brian Henderson

    High-quality and very comfortable.

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