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Latest Foam Cut To Size & Product Reviews

  • Abigail Hoborn

    Great work GB Foam! Arrived the next day as promised.

  • Lori Hughes

    Brilliant buy and got a discount code for next time so considering doing my sofa cushions next.

  • Carrie Perkins

    So easy to lay out now and relax.

  • Anita Hardcastle

    Really convenient and high quality. Arrived the very next day also.

  • Ruth Sampey

    Such an improvement really glad I bought this.

  • Robert Galbraith

    Measures up fine in T4

  • Raynor Peters

    So convenient saved me measuring up.

  • Philip Rutter

    Best pillow I've ever slept on hands down.

  • Graeme Lawson

    Bought for my sister who is always complaining about how much the dog sheds she was very pleased.

  • Rachel Bourne

    Pleased with this wheelchair cushion it seems to be high quality.

  • Azhar Khan

    Thank you

  • Amy Hinson

    Easy to use, just pop it under the sheets and your away.

  • Jonathan Farrer

    Arrived on time, stocked up on my fiberfill now.

  • Corinne Ellis

    Super happy with my new bean bag thanks for the foam crumb GB Foam :D

  • Sam Bromwich

    Very cushiony!

  • Christine Guildford

    More than I needed, but good filling.

  • Justin Green

    Probably going to be one of my better purchases this Christmas

  • Carl Donaldson

    Happy to pay that little extra for the blue colour. Looks awesome!

  • Will Eaton

    Great quality and not a bad price.

  • Pete Rogers

    Helps with those low frequencies. Good quality.

  • Jess Lavers

    Spotted these after I made my first order which was annoying. Happy with them though.

  • Trev Scott

    Digging these. Cheers!

  • David Neyland

    Big improvement over egg crates

  • Jamie Walker

    Couldn't work out how many I needed so got in touch and they pointed me in the right direction. Ta :)

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