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Latest Foam Cut To Size & Product Reviews

  • Ida Moore

    Arrived faster than I expected.

  • Mark Holdsworth

    Grand! Thanks a lot.

  • Mike Gill

    Ideal. Thanks.

  • Pat Lyons

    Best foam company on the web.

  • David Pollak

    Had a small problem with off gassing to begin with, but it subsided quite quickly.

  • Theresa McCallion

    Service was exceptional and I love my new window cushion.

  • Andrea Johnson

    Lovely, comfy foam. Thank you very much.

  • Rhonda Gannon

    Great website and great foam.

  • Gordon Allan

    Measurements were dead on!

  • Zoe Fort

    Thanks for making our suite comfy again :) x

  • Susan Hands

    Fantastic, no issues at all.

  • Robert Horner

    Professional service and fast delivery, top marks.

  • Kevin Clooney

    2 happy campers! Thanks GB Foam Direct.

  • Elaine Brown

    What a fab website! I'll certainly be returning.

  • Loraine Atkinson

    Like owning a new sofa at a fraction of the price

  • Sylvia Haslam

    So happy with my new sofa cushions! What a difference they make

  • Kay Hill

    Exceptional mattress at a very reasonable price.

  • May Wilkes

    Good night, sleep tight :) x

  • Patricia Hill

    Can't recommend this mattress more highly to people.

  • Miriam Morris

    The best mattress I've ever had, wonderful!

  • Karen Frost

    Sleeping great lately. Thanks GB Foam Direct!

  • William Hoey

    Quick delivery, great price and an incredible nights sleep to follow

  • Andrew Harris

    No complaints here, cheap and cosy love it!

  • George Fleming

    Amazing mattress at a realistic price for once.

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