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Latest Foam Cut To Size & Product Reviews

  • Wanda Reed

    I only got out of bed to write this review, I'm going back lol.

  • Terry Clark

    This is a lifesaver, just run it over the sofa and poof all the cat hair is gone

  • Andy Roberts

    excellent product, excellent service.

  • Heather Simmons

    I've used GB foam for a few different products now and they have never let me down. thankyou

  • Michael Turner

    I'm so glad I picked this up, the little lad sleeps straight through on most nights now.

  • Bonnie Moore

    not used this yet, but had very good service and quick delivery too.

  • Julie Clark

    great quality product. good job

  • Christina Peterson

    packed out my old scatter cushions with this and they feel so nice and plump now.

  • Harry Ward

    Made plenty of new bean bags with this.

  • Jesse Roberts

    the Dub looks and feels great on the inside now, thankyou.

  • Shawn Griffin

    Speedy delivery and very comfy cushions. great job.

  • Jeremy Bell

    Called the office to make sure I was buying the right kit, the lady on the phone was very knowledgeable and went through the details to make sure the order was correct first.

  • Susan Miller

    The wagon feels fantastic now.

  • Stephen Powell

    This kit was perfect, when I start my next project I'm coming back

  • Sandra Alexander

    Excellent fit, nice job

  • Laura Lewis

    I wasn't sure what I would need to get the room right so I picked up the kit and played around till the recordings sounded perfect.

  • Christopher Scott

    Worked like a charm, my recording studio doesn't get any bass feedback anymore.

  • Richard Moore

    These look amazing with the wall tiles I already have. another great product from GB

  • Rachel Adams

    I find it amazing how effective these little blocks of foam are and how much they change the sound in my room.

  • Chris Cooper

    works great I'm getting very little to no sound resonance now, thanks guys

  • Thomas Hughes

    I'm so glad I could get these in blue, matched my walls perfectly.

  • Kevin Fox

    this looks epic in my office and stops the weird echo sound perfectly.

  • Toby Brooks

    This is great, I'm getting hardly any sound echo in my studio now.

  • Angela Phillips

    everything seems to be fantastic. great work.

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