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Latest Foam Cut To Size & Product Reviews

  • Lydia James

    The best stuffing for bean bags ever!!!

  • Brooke Boyle

    My order arrived the next day. There's more of it than I was expecting, but I'm not complaining.

  • Danielle Knight

    Comfy and good value for money.

  • Jonathan Harper

    Was looking for this set for ages! Glad I finally found this one.

  • Holly Chadwick

    Very good. Thank you :)

  • Abbie Rowley

    Wonderfully comfortable. I could lay on this for days.

  • Harrison Clark

    Ordering was simple and went smoothly. First impressions of the new foam are great!

  • Elizabeth Wright

    So happy I finally got around to buying this. One of my best purchases this year!

  • Libby Noble

    Nice comfy foam and a great price! Thanks :D

  • Declan Cameron

    Fantastic kit for a quick and easy solution to sound interference. I installed these recently and have already noticed a big change.

  • Riley Naylor

    Happy with my order. Arrived on time and appears to be a quality product.

  • Sam Browne

    Bought with the red acoustic foam tiles, haven't put them up yet will hopefully get around to it soon. So far so good though.

  • Zachary Nash

    Decided to purchase a couple of extra bass traps to go with the pack I already had, so this is more of a review of the traps and tiles which have all been very good and effective. GB Foam were extremely helpful when I came to them with a question and my order arrvied the day after I bought it.

  • Anthony Brady

    All good!!

  • Max Coles

    These acoustic foam panels look great in my office, they really help to add a touch of extra colour and have fixed the sound issues I was having.

  • Toby Daniels

    Very pleased with my purchase and the service I received from GB Foam.

  • Jacob Storey

    Great acoustic foam tiles!

  • Mollie Connolly

    Great! Couldn't be more pleased with my order.

  • Mason Mann

    The foam is high-quality and has been cut to the right shape thank you.

  • Alexander Coates

    Fantastic from start to finish a brilliant service received.

  • Robert Begum

    Love the new mattress. It's comfier than our one at home.

  • Eloise Barry

    Very good. Thank you for your help. I will be recommending you.

  • Lara Brooks

    No issues. Fast delivery and a good piece of foam.

  • Maisie Dennis

    Cut exactly. Ty

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