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Latest Foam Cut To Size & Product Reviews

  • Thomas Ashton

    Needed a new mattress after owning our old one for so long, but didn't have a particularly big budget. Was a little sceptical of buying this at first but glad I trusted my instinct and made the purchase, it is very, very good for the price!

  • Emma Flynn

    A good mattress for a guest room if you need a cheap one. Offers the support and comfort you need, so your guests will be happy.

  • Faith John

    Lovely memory foam pillow and I picked it up for a great price. I have two of them and use fibre ones underneath so can clearly tell the difference between each and it's quite a difference.

  • Chloe Harding

    Quite impressed with this so far. It picks up hair in all of them hard to reach areas of your home and can be easily washed and reused.

  • Tom Hanson

    Well made. I've been using this for about a week now it's already made quite a bit of difference.

  • Samuel Payne

    Supportive and comfy, just what I needed in a wheelchair cushion.

  • Aimee Clayton

    I'm very happy with this, owned it for over a month now and thankfully no accidents.

  • Dominic Norman

    Decent product, nice and cheap.

  • Lola Butler

    Super soft and comfy, I sink right into my beanbag! :)

  • Natasha Winter

    You get a good amount of foam crumb for the price, but I'm happy with that.

  • Melissa Bradshaw

    This is the best filling for bean bags I've ever used. Who'd have thought it?

  • Madeleine Gordon

    Really, really comfortable. So happy with this. Thank you so much xx

  • Sofia Blackburn

    A very nice product, comfy, quality foam at a fair price.

  • Maddison Barnes

    Our Westfalia is so comfy now :) Love this! Thank you.

  • Scott Webster

    Really impressed with this. I would buy from GB Foam Direct again.

  • Kian Hunter

    This is a great foam kit for a VW T5. If you're looking to make your van more comfortable this should help you.

  • Daniel Yates

    A good all-rounder.

  • Daniel Yates

    High quality for the price, already noticing improvements in the sound quality. Definitely, buy them with some tiles.

  • Ben Mills

    Bought with grey tiles to add a couple of focus points around my studio, looks pretty good!

  • Aaron Wall

    Good bass traps. Seem quite expensive for a piece of foam, but these were still the cheapest I could find, so can't complain too much I suppose.

  • Niamh Tyler

    Bought these in red, they match the tiles and bass traps I also purchased and all of them I'm really happy with.

  • Leo Bradley

    Great acoustic foam panels at a really good price. Love the blue colour btw, maybe look at doing some more colours in the future for my choice?

  • Brandon Dawson

    A very nice shade of red and all of the acoustic tiles are very uniformed. First impressions have been really good.

  • Daniel Hunt

    Superb results from initial installation. The price I paid was better than other websites I looked for acoustic foam on.

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