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Campervan Mattress Guide + 5 Essential Sleep Tips

campervan mattress bed foam

Getting a poor night’s sleep in your campervan is never ideal. There’s nothing worse than spending a whole day feeling sleep deprived, especially if you plan on driving. To make sure you’re getting the best sleep possible, we’ve created a handy guide on what it takes to make the best campervan mattress. As an added bonus, we’ve even included 5 extra tips to help you become a master of campervan sleeping.

Upgrade to a Luxurious Campervan Mattress

The most important thing to consider when getting a good night’s sleep is the quality of your campervan mattress. Luckily, with GB Foam Direct, you can order custom cut foam online that’s suitable for any campervan.

For a campervan mattress, we find that the best combination of foam for sitting and sleeping on is a dual-layer one.

We find the base layer is best when it’s a high density, medium feel foam. This will help to provide the right amount of support for you whilst you’re resting. Our “Average Medium” foam at 10cm is one of the most popular for this application. If you want a smaller base, a firmer feeling foam for anything under 2 inches is more suitable.

For added comfort, we recommend topping the base with a layer of memory foam that’s at least 5cm thick.

We can also join these two layers together for you. During the ordering process, when asked whether you would like to leave a note, simply request that the two layers are laminated together.

To start ordering the foam for your campervan mattress, head over to our foam cut to size page and start by selecting the shape you need.

Remember, we also offer a custom shape option. For those looking for something unique, choose this shape and you’ll be able to upload a template for our team to follow.

If you’re unsure about what you need for your campervan mattress and would like some assistance, feel free to contact our team.

Making the Comfiest Campervan Bed

We recently supplied a campervan mattress for Emma & Alex of Travel Beans and they put together a fantastic video on how to build the comfiest campervan bed. Want to learn how? Check out this video!

Campervan Sleep Tips – Consider Your Surroundings

Carefully considering where you stop for the evening could help to improve the quality of your sleep. Too much noise through the night or early in the morning could wreak havoc on the sleep you get.

Consider whether your surroundings are too noisy or whether there’s any potential for it to get noisy at certain times. Traffic, heavy machinery, pets and various wildlife could all contribute to excess noise at certain times of the day.

Keep Cool

Being too hot when you’re trying to rest on your campervan mattress almost always leads to a bad night’s sleep. Taking certain precautions to prevent yourself from getting too warm is a must.

The best way to keep cool in your campervan is to dress lightly for bed (or not at all if you prefer). Make sure to ditch the duvet as well, cotton sheets on their own should be sufficient if you still prefer to use covers.

Where possible, let in some fresh air by opening up your windows. This will help to promote better airflow throughout your camper, allowing the heat your body generates to escape more easily. This is especially important if your campervan is insulated; which we’ll talk about next.

Stay Toasty

Just as it’s important to stay cool through the warmer months, you’ll want to stay toasty in cold climates.

Making sure that your campervan is properly insulated is a great way to minimise heat loss. Be sure to invest in a good quality liner to help keep your campervan interior warm. Lining your campervan also has the added benefit of helping to reduce noise transfer.

Get Active!

Sleep is always better after a busy day of activities. If you’re camping in a new area, why not get out and about to explore your new surroundings? That way, when you return home from a busy day, your mind and body will be calling out for some quality rest.

Always Be Prepared

In the famous words of the Scouts, “always be prepared” before you go to bed. This will help to keep your mind at ease and minimise any night time distractions. For example, if nature calls late at night, having everything you need in an easily accessible location is a must. Place your shoes close to your campervan bed and have a torch handy. Doing this will speed up the process, meaning you can get back to resting sooner.

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