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Comfy Foam For Floor Cushions

comfy foam floor cushions

For many westerners, the idea of sitting on floor cushions could seem a little strange.

Furniture such as chairs and sofas are very popular in UK households. However, the same doesn’t apply everywhere. In some cultures, sitting on the floor is a common practice.

Most won’t deny that sitting on the floor is quite uncomfortable though and that’s why comfy floor cushions are often used.

The History of Floor Cushions

Humans have always valued comfort in life, sometimes even in death.

What’s thought to be the earliest discovered pieces of upholstery date back to Ancient Egypt’s eighteenth dynasty. That’s more than 3000 years ago!

Expertly crafted pieces of furniture were discovered in the tomb of Tutankhamun. These were designed to provide him with comfort on his journey to the afterlife.

It really is fascinating how different cultures in history have approached the idea of comfort. Did you know that the use of floor cushions traces back approximately 1000 years?

Take the zabuton, for example. This Japanese floor cushion was once used by those held in the highest regard. Buddhist monks, those in the imperial court and others of high stature would use these floor cushions to sit on.

Today, they can be noted in various aspects of Japanese culture such as Sumo Wrestling, Jidaigeki (Japanese period dramas) and Rakugo (a form of verbal entertainment).

But it doesn’t stop there. Japanese culture was often influenced by Chinese aspects. Round floor cushions known as zafu in Japan, were originally influenced by the Chinese putuan. These, while often used for the purpose of comfort, are best associated with Zen meditation.

What is Floor Culture?

Throughout history, floor culture has been practiced in a variety of Asian countries. Countries including Japan, South Korea and India still practice floor culture to this day.

Historical records indicate that China once also practiced floor culture. However, this was thought to be abandoned during the Han dynasty when chairs were first introduced.

Across countries, floor culture is practiced in different ways.

In South Korea, families sit on the floor while relaxing, eating, watching television, socialising and much more.

Meanwhile in India, it’s traditional to sit cross-legged on the floor while eating. Floor culture can also be noted in things such as worship, meditation, during wedding ceremonies and death rituals.

Floor Cushions in Your Home

It’s become more common than ever to see floor cushions in western homes. They make for a unique alternative to more traditional furniture pieces and are much easier to move around.

If you’re looking for comfy foam floor cushions, GB Foam Direct is the right place to be. We’re the UK’s leading online provider of foam cut to size (the fastest too).  Whatever size you need your foam, whatever shape it must be, we can make it for you.

Ordering the foam you need is simple! Just follow the five steps starting on our homepage.

  1. Choose your floor cushion shape.
  2. Input your dimensions.
  3. Choose a foam grade.
  4. Select your addons.
  5. Place your order.


We’ve also included a variety of popular shapes below. If you see the one you like, just click on it!

Order before 11:00 AM Monday – Thursday and we’ll dispatch your comfy foam for delivery on the next working day.

Please note that we can only supply the foam for your floor cushions. We do not currently offer a cover fitting service.

Which Foam to Use for Floor Cushions?

Choosing the right foam for your floor cushions will help to ensure that you stay comfy whilst relaxing. Naturally, you don’t want a foam that’s too soft meaning you’ll nearly be touching the floor when you go to sit down. On the hand, you don’t want a foam that’s unnecessarily firm.

The best foam for floor cushions is one with a Medium level of firmness. However, you’ll need to ensure that the foam is sufficiently thick to offer enough support.

Our general reccomendation for using a medium feel foam is that they should be no less than 4 inches thick and if you can go thicker, that’s always better. If you do have to go thinner with your foam cushions, you’ll need a firm-feeling foam to offer enough support.

We offer two types of seating foam in a medium variety. These are our Average Medium Foam (GB 33M) and the superior Luxury Medium Sofa Foam (GB 41M).

If you have any questions about our foam, our team is always happy to assist. Get in touch via our contact page.

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