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Where to Find a Fire Label on a Sofa

where to find a fire label on a sofa

There are many reasons why you may want to know where to find a fire label on a sofa. If you’re buying a new sofa, you’ll want to be assured that it conforms to all relevant fire safety regulations. Another reason for wanting to know where to find a fire safety label on a sofa is if you’re donating to charity. If you’re donating an old sofa (or piece of furniture) to charity, you’re likely to be asked if it has a fire label attached.

What is a Fire Label?

A fire safety label is legally required to be placed on all upholstered furnishings and other pieces of furniture sold in the UK, including sofas, armchairs and more.

The purpose of the fire safety label is to assure that the item in question complies with British Fire Safety regulations. Each fire label must be permanent and must be fitted to every new piece of furniture sold.

Items such as mattresses, bed bases and divans require a fire safety label. This label is different from the one which you would find on a sofa. That’s because these particular items are covered by a different piece of legislation; (BS 7177). The labels tend to be blue in colour and indicate that the item is both cigarette and match resistant.

Why is a Fire Label Important?

A fire safety label is an assurance from the product manufacturer that an item is compliant with British Fire Safety regulations. Without these regulations, manufacturers would be free to use flammable materials. This could pose a risk to your safety in the event of a fire.

Fire safety labels make manufacturers accountable for the products they sell. They are in place to protect the consumer and help to better regulate the furniture manufacturing industry.

Fire safety labels contain various amounts of information. As a minimum, the label should display the caution, batch number/identification number, if the item includes a fire-resistant inner liner, and finally, a summary of the measures that were taken to ensure regulatory compliance.

Other labels may also include information such as the name of the UK supplier, the date the item was manufactured (or imported), and a description of the filling and covering materials.

Where to Find a Fire Label on a Sofa

Wondering where to find a fire label on a sofa? They are most often found sewn under cushions or around the edges of an item. It shouldn’t be too difficult to find the fire label on your sofa. Start by lifting the cushions, checking under them, and checking the area around where the cushions lay. If you cannot find the fire label, you will not be able to donate your sofa to charity.

Replacement Sofa Cushions

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