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Semi Circle Foam Cut To Size

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Carefully measure your current cushions and enter the size in mm, cm or inches. If you are struggling take a look at our handy guide on how to measure your foam. Not the exact shape you are looking for? Why not view our full range of foam shapes?

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Semi Circle Foam Cut To Size

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How To Measure Your Foam

If possible, it is always best to measure sizes from your existing covers. Measuring old foam is not always accurate as foam can become misshaped over time. Measure your covers from corner to corner along the seams, pulling the cover taught to ensure you get a good fit. It is always best to measure both the front and back of each cover as some cushions can vary in width from front to back. Again, when measuring the depth of a cushion it should be done seam to seam, if you have a piped edge cover measure between the piping.

You should order foam to the size of the cover border width and then add Dacron and stockinette to get the best fit for your cushion. You should never measure across the middle of a cushion as it may have a domed top which will affect your overall measurements. Please select the appropriate product shape from our list and enter your dimension as per the measuring process above. If you can't find what you are looking for, please do not hesitate to give us a call and we will be happy to help.

Note for Sofa Cushions: Our regular advice is to measure from seam to seam. However, if your cushions rise significantly past the seams, you may need to add extra depth for a fuller fit inside your cushion covers. Choosing to include Dacron will add approximately 1cm to the top and 1cm to the bottom of your foam. If you are replacing a domed cushion that isn’t shaped like any of the templates we offer, please contact us for assistance.

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    Awesome! After hearing about you guys through a friend I decided to take the plunge on some simple half cylinder foam to attach to a bottom of a lapboard for PC gaming on my sofa, serving as a cushion rather than hard wood, the luxury firm foam does the job perfectly! Hours of gameplay can be had with very little pressure on my legs, the foam is holding shape while the cylindrical shape stops my legs getting too warm. Would definitelly recommend!

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    Easy to order, arrived on time and to exact specifications.

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    Great advice, perfect for what I need and super quick delivery!

  • Rated 5 out of 5 Malcolm Keeley

    All measures up fine.

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    Impeccable and professional service. Very pleased

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    GB Foam comes highly recommended from me so happy with the service they provided me.

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    Can't recommend you more highly, so very helpful and excellent foam.

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    Good quality foam and paid less than I expected to.

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    Spot on thanks GB Foam.

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    Sizing was dead on and the quality of the foam is top notch.

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    One of the most helpful companies I've ever dealt with.

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    Very impressed with the service I received, more should take a leaf out of your book :)

  • Rated 5 out of 5 Andrew Poyser

    Nice quality foam and cut how I needed it to be.

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    Nice to have a company deliver on their promises without any hiccups in between.

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    Perfect, can't complain.

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    Originally made an error with my order, stupid me, The staff were great at rectifying the problem.

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    Amazed at how quickly they managed to get my order to me. Expected it to arrive a couple of days after to be honest but turned up the very next day.

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    Best price I was quoted online and very pleased with the turnaround.

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    Was after some high density foam for a project. Was cut to my exact size and is perfect.

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    Super! I will be using your website again in the future.

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    Arrived Fast! Exactly what we needed for an art project.

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    Wonderfully made and a surprisingly fast delivery.

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    Very good service. Happy with my order.

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    I use this for yoga to stretch out on. Great results so far!! <3

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    Great product, made exactly as I stated. Well done

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    Excellent quality. Needed some new foam for my garden day bed. Would highly reccomend, excellent quality, very firm, fits perfect, will use this company again for other chairs.

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    First class can’t be beaten for quality and service

  • Rated 5 out of 5 Rosie Smith

    Exactly what we needed and at a better price than we expected. Thought I'd leave a review to say thanks for the great job! :) Rosie

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Why Choose GB Foam For Your Foam Cut To Size?

Our factory is equipped with the latest CNC cutting technology and throughout the years we have employed the most talented freehand foam cutters in the industry. Many members of the team have worked for the company for several decades and their attention to detail and quality control is something that only comes with years of knowledge and experience.

We have many customers who started with us in 1976 and are still working with us today, which we like to think reflects on our vision to be the most dynamic foam converter in our industry. For us no job is too big or too small. We offer the same level of service and delivery whether you are a retail customer ordering one piece of foam from home, or a large manufacturer ordering daily.

40 Years In BUsiness

GB Foam have been offering foam cut to size from our factory since 1976.

Hand Made In The UK

We employ the most talented freehand foam cutters in the industry.

ISO 9001 Quality

Our team work to the ISO 9001 quality standards to guarantee only the best

Super Fast Delivery

All orders placed before 11:00am will be despatched for next working day delivery

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Our foam comes with a 5 year guarantee against faults in manufacture.

Flame Retardant

Our entire range of foam exceed UK safety and flammability standards.

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