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What We Do with Our Foam Offcuts

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As a society, we are growing ever dependant on man-made materials. As such, it is more important than ever to take recycling seriously. We at GB Foam have a strict environmental policy and work hard to ensure that we reuse scrap materials in any way we can. In fact, 98% of our foam offcuts and scrap are reused or recycled.

Where Foam Offcuts Come From

We specialise in a foam cut to size service. This means that we take blocks of foam and shape them according to customer preferences, making them fit for purpose. Thanks to the efforts of our talented team and fully equipped factory we can cut foam to practically any shape and size. On a daily basis, we can create anything from replacement sofa cushions and mattresses to foam props for film sets.

Every time we create a foam product there’s potential for there to be foam offcuts. In our efforts to reduce material wastage company-wide, we look for ways to repurpose these foam offcuts. Think of it as cutting the crusts off sliced bread. Instead of throwing the crusts in the bin, why not make bread pudding? That way there’s less waste and a new treat for others to enjoy! Everybody wins.

You may be wondering what we use the foam offcuts for.

Creating Foam Crumb From Foam Offcuts

Foam crumb, as its name suggests, is crumbled pieces of new foam offcuts. Any foam offcuts which can be repurposed are feed into a specialised machine. This gives the foam offcuts a new form and creates a whole new product for us to offer you.

If you squint tightly enough, foam crumb looks a little like popcorn, it’s not though, so please don’t eat it! Instead of chowing down, many of our customers choose to use foam crumb as a means to fill things such as cushions, bean bags, and even soft toys.

There are three different mixes of foam crumb on offer here – high density mixed colour, pure memory foam, and the ultimate bean bag stuffing. We only ever crumb brand new pieces of foam offcuts which come straight from our production line.

What Else We Do to Reduce Foam Waste

If you’ve purchased a piece of foam from us and wish for it to be responsibly recycled, we’ll gladly help you. All you need to do is contact us to arrange a suitable time and return the piece of foam in question. We’ll take care of the rest free of charge.

We are committed to minimizing waste production and will continue to do what we can to ensure this happens. If you’d like to know more please visit our environmental policy page or feel free to contact us.

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