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Foam Pit Colours, Why Brand Them?

Gym Pit Foam Colour Branding Foam - Foam Pit Colours

Foam Pit Colour Association – Understanding the Consumer Mind

What springs to mind if I mention a red can, a purple chocolate bar, a blue bird or golden arches? Your mind will have likely linked to a number of popular brands, these being Coca-Cola, Cadburys, Twitter and McDonalds. But why is this? If I were to ask the same question, but to remove the colour, would you draw the same conclusions? A can, a chocolate bar, a bird and some arches. This question immediately becomes much more ambiguous and is harder to draw a conclusion from. Considering this, we can assume that it is in fact colour which we predominantly associate with branding.

If you value the importance of colour in brand association, then you should definitely consider your foam pit colours for your gym pit and trampoline park.

Why Is Colour Important In Branding?

Studies suggest that our brains much prefer recognisable brands. Consumers are likely to trust them to a greater extent and therefore spend money with them. This is exactly the reason why you need to push your brands colour scheme wherever possible. Colours are much easier to familiarise than shapes are. Logos are of course important to any brand, but to an extent, colours are more so.

Think of your favourite sports team. As much as it may not seem that way, they too are a brand. Every sports team has a colour scheme unique to them and marketing teams work hard to ensure that those colours are placed wherever possible.

Players of Chelsea FC, a popular British football team adorn a distinct royal blue and white trim kit. It isn’t by coincidence however that their entire stadium (Stanford Bridge) also follows this same colour scheme. Chelsea FC is well associated with the colour blue and many people recognise this team by their colours alone. If you were to ask somebody who didn’t follow football what colour kit Chelsea FC wears, there’s a good chance they would still say blue. Ask them what image is shown on the team’s emblem however and they’ll likely not know. You too can achieve this level of association with the correct foam pit colours.

What Foam Pit Colours Should I Choose?

There’s a lot of speculation as to the way in which consumers respond to the sight of certain colours. The colour red for example is considered to evoke excitement in the cerebral cortex. Brands such as Coca-Cola, Virgin, Nintendo and Lego utilise this colour reaction to their advantage. There is evidence to suggest that this is true. However, most academics agree that relying on these stereotypes is nowhere near as important as building your brands personality.

Our Gym Pit Foam website offers an extensive range of foam pit colours and types. From Best Value Gym Pit Foam to premium XTREME Foam, we can cater to your needs. In addition to the vast range of foam pit colours we offer, we can also colour match to most Pantone and RAL colours. This means that you’ll be able to find the perfect colour match that strongly supports your companies branding. Whether you’re after bright coloured pit foam in red, blue, green, yellow or more! Our team of experts are more than capable of finding the perfect colours for you.

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