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Made to Measure Mattress – Where to Buy

Made to Measure Mattress

If you’re looking to purchase a made to measure mattress, you’ve come to the right place. Our factory is fully equipped to cut mattresses to practically any size or shape from a single memory foam mattress to a super king size memory foam mattress. As an independent foam converter of more than 40 years, we’ve created our customers’ bespoke mattresses for a variety of projects. From custom mattresses on boats to mattresses in campervans, our team of experts are here to help you!

Which Foam to Use in a Made to Measure Mattress

We stock a wide variety of foam grades here at GB Foam. From reticulated foam to acoustic foam, we’ve got all the materials to create the perfect products. When you think of which foam to use in a mattress, you’re likely to first think of memory foam. You’d be right of course!

Memory foam is a widely popular grade to use within mattresses and understandably so. This incredible foam is temperature reactive, meaning it can respond to your body temperature. This essentially means that memory foam moulds to your body’s unique shape, cradling you as you sleep. Once you get up, the foam quickly returns to its original form. Magic!

But mattresses aren’t entirely made from memory foam. If they were, you’d likely sink so far in it would be a struggle to get out of bed each morning (well, more of a struggle). Mattresses generally consist of two or more layers, including a top layer of memory foam for that additional comfort we all love so much.

If you’re looking to purchase a made to measure mattress, you may want to consider adding a top layer of memory foam to a thicker layer of high-density foam. The base high-density layer will act as your support layer, whilst the top memory foam layer will add extra comfort.

Buy Your Custom Mattress at GB Foam Direct

Our factory is fully equipped with the latest foam cutting technology which allows us to cut foam to practically any size or shape. Whether you’re searching for a regularly shaped mattress or something a little more unconventional, we can help.

Many people choose to purchase custom mattresses from us to use on boats or inside campervans. They can also be used to utilise irregularly shaped areas of rooms such as within loft conversions.

With GB Foam Direct, you’re not restricted to standard shaped rectangular mattresses, your mattress can be any shape you desire.

Ordering Your Made to Measure Mattress

It’s simple to order foam cut to size at GB Foam Direct. All you need to do is input your required measurements. Next, choose the type of foam you’d most like to sleep on. We have a total of 25 different foam templates to choose from including a custom template for unique shapes.

What’s more, we even offer next day delivery on orders placed Monday – Thursday before 11:00 AM! Don’t let space restrictions stop you getting the mattress you want, order a custom made mattress from us today!

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