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Soft Foam – When to Use Soft Foam & How to Buy it

Soft foam

If you’re looking for comfy, soft foam, GB Foam Direct can help you! We stock a wide range of foams ranging from a soft to a super hard feel.

Whether you need foam cut to size or plush foam sheets, you’ll find what you need here on our website.

What Types of Foam Are Soft?

The type of foam we tend to use for applications where comfort and support are key is polyurethane foam. This type of foam is used to make things like sofa cushions, mattresses and so much more.

However, not all polyurethane foams are soft foams. Whilst some are soft, many can be hard or even somewhere in between.

In fact, soft foam isn’t always suitable for these types of applications. Sometimes, you need something firmer to provide the right level of support.

A very well-known type of foam that is traditionally soft is viscoelastic memory foam. This is the same type used to add extra comfort to mattresses.

Soft Foam Applications

While you may be drawn to believe that the best type of foam for comfort is the softest type, that’s not always true.

As an example, we almost never recommend soft types of foam for sofa seat cushions (and we make a lot of sofa cushions each day).

This is because softer foams tend to not offer enough resilience. For seat cushions, we usually recommend a medium or firm feeling foam (depending on the thickness of the seat cushion). When it comes to sofa back cushions though, we almost always recommend a softer feeling foam.

Soft foams such as memory foam are generally used as a topper in combination with a firmer feeling base layer.

Although mostly referred to as “memory foam mattresses”, foam mattresses are made up of a combination of foam types.

As an example, our Sleep Double Memory Foam Mattress is made with a firmer base layer of foam for support and then topped with 5cm of memory foam for extra comfort.

Are Soft Foams Low Density?

It’s a common misconception that foam density directly correlates with how hard a foam feels; this isn’t the case.

A high-density foam can feel soft, medium or firm. The density of a foam grade actually indicates its weight per cubic foot. To summarise, a soft foam can be low density, but can also be high density.

Buying Soft Foam Online

Buying soft foam online at GB Foam Direct is simple. You can either buy foam sheets or foam cut to size; whichever you need.

We offer a variety of soft foams on our website including – Luxury Soft Foam (GB 39S), Average Soft (GB 33S) and Memory (GB 55M).

If you’d like to buy cut to size foam, be sure to follow the steps starting from our homepage. Start by choosing one of our shape templates. If you can’t find the right shape, we also offer a custom option where you can upload a template for us to work to.

After this, simply input your measurements and then select a foam on the next step. If you would like Dacron and stockinette with your order, you can choose this in the following step. Once that’s complete, all you need to do is finalise your details for shipping and confirm your order.

Is Foam Softer Than Fiberfill Cushions?

Foam is a much more supportive material than fiberfill cushions. Structurally it is much more compact than fiber filling is, making it more robust and feel somewhat harder.

You’ll generally find that used fiber cushions don’t have much give and that they have a poor structural integrity. If your fiber cushions are new they will feel firmer but will likely lose this characteristic sooner than you would like them to.

When switching from fiber back cushions to soft foam back cushions, your cushions may initially feel harder than what you are used to. Soft foam cushions will offer you much more support, which is better for your health and with use, most people tend to find that these types of foam cushions soften further.

Speak to Our Team

If you would like to know more about the types of foam we offer at GB Foam Direct, please feel free to contact a member of our team. They’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have and can guide you through the ordering process if you need it.

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