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VW T25 Bed (1979-1992) 3 Part Foam Set For Full Width Bed

£ 149.99

This VW T25 Bed comes in a 3-part foam set for a full width bed for the VW T25 (1979 to 1992). Made from quality flame retardant GB33H density foam and hand cut to size in our UK factory. The foam will need covering.

Rear cargo area: 1620mm x 918mm x 80mm
Base: 1580mm x 490mm x 80mm
Back: 1576mm x 440mm x 80mm

Please check dimensions before ordering, for custom bed sizes use our foam cut to size service and select GB33H or GB39H for the foam grade.

Please Note: If you are fitting rear seatbelts, you must fix your foam to the seat base for the seatbelts to be effective. We recommend fixing the foam to your bed base failure to do this can result in sliding out under your seat belt in a accident.

VW T25 Bed is Compatible With

Water-Cooled & Air-Cooled Petrol (1979 – 1990) :
1600cc, 1700cc, 1900cc, 2000cc, 2100cc

Water-Cooled & Air-Cooled Diesel (1979 – 1990) :
1600cc, 1700cc, 1900cc, 2000cc, 2100cc

Latest Foam Cut To Size & Product Reviews

  • Frances Kay

    Laid out on this last night and it's incredible, might go and do it again haha!

  • Alexa Green

    All good .Thanks for everything.

  • Claire Nash

    You've made me very happy :D

  • Jeanne Bell

    Tried this out for the first time the other day. I never wanted to get back up.

  • Adrian Mead

    Comfier than my bed at home

  • Jackie Edge

    mmm, luxurious :)

  • Kathryn Warner

    Lovely :) x

  • Leon Rose

    Could sleep on this all day.

  • Barry Martin

    Great service from GB Foam. Answered all my questions quickly and professionally.

  • Lee Paxton

    Nothing better than kicking back and relaxing on some top class foam!

  • Brenda Hardy

    Not a bad word to say about the ordering and delivery easy and fast. As for the foam kit it fits perfectly and feels amazing!

  • Lori Hughes

    Brilliant buy and got a discount code for next time so considering doing my sofa cushions next.

  • Carrie Perkins

    So easy to lay out now and relax.

  • Rodney Worth

    Great for a comfy night in the van. Thank you.

  • Sam Cotton

    Perfect can't fault this and so glad I bought it.

  • Thomas Gibson

    Spot on thanks GB Foam

  • Steve Parker

    Should have bought this a few months ago when I first saw it. Don't know what took me so long.

  • Marie Latif

    Glad I found this, really happy with it.

  • Darren Fell

    Spot on, couldn't have asked for more in terms of quality and professionalism.

  • Shirley Rogers

    Our camper is starting to look a little better every day now, thanks

  • Martha Phillips

    Very impressed with the service from you guys, and the foam is amazing too.

  • Shawn Griffin

    Speedy delivery and very comfy cushions. great job.

  • Janice Henderson

    Fitted perfectly, job well done guys

  • Ruby Carter

    very comfy thanks

  • Janet Edwards

    fits perfectly.

  • Pamela Baker

    Fitted really well, the restoration is nearly complete

  • Melissa Watson

    Really comfy, beats my old smelly cushions anyday

  • Frank Wood

    Great product at a great price recommended to all my VW friends

  • Mark Ward

    Well after the first weekend away I can say its so much better than the old stuff i pulled out

  • David Martin

    Fitted great and quick delivery would recommend.

  • David Taylor

    Great price for what you get.

  • Stuart Brown

    The foam arrived really fast. Feels good, I haven't put it in yet though but measured and it seems okay.

  • Jeanette Smith


  • Livvy Bates

    Fits well and feels comfy. Great! :) :)

  • Jamie Cole

    Took our new foam on a road trip and it is super comfy. Wish I had upgraded them sooner.

  • Aidan Pritchard

    I was searching everywhere for a foam kit for a VW T25. In all honesty, I'm surprised I found it. This is exactly what I was after and at a great price as well.

  • Nat Davies

    Nothing better than sleeping under the stars in our new upgraded van. Thanks for the quick turnaround.

  • Holly Chadwick

    Very good. Thank you :)

  • Sofia Blackburn

    A very nice product, comfy, quality foam at a fair price.

  • Evan Pugh

    Excellent foam at a reasonable rate. Thanks a lot!

  • Kathryn Cox

    Great little set. Was shown this by a freind who also bought this. We're both really pleased. So 5 stars from both of us :D

  • Julie Allen

    Awesome. so, so, so comfy I love it!

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