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VW T5 Bed Foam Kit

£ 119.99

This VW T5 Bed 3 Piece Foam Kit comes in a 3 parts for the VW Transporter 5. Made from quality flame retardant GB33H density foam and hand cut to size in our UK factory. The foam will need covering.

1110mm x 560mm x 100/80mm (wedge)
1050mm x 625mm x 80mm
1110mm x 560mm x 100/80mm (wedge)

Please check dimensions before ordering, for custom bed sizes use our foam cut to size service and select GB33H or GB39H for the foam grade.

VW T5 Bed Foam Kit is Compatible With All T5 Transporters


Latest Foam Cut To Size & Product Reviews

  • Gerard Dixon

    The foam is fab. Haven't got a bad word to say about it.

  • Cynthia Gough

    Love this bed kit nice and simple.

  • Leslie Hing

    No issues with the sizing or anything and quickly delivered

  • Alan Matthews

    All arrived today, very quick.

  • Sarah Weston

    Sprawled out on this earlier, took a lot of willpower to get back up.

  • Sonia Page

    Simply brilliant.

  • Helen Pink

    Perfect. Couldn't ask for more.

  • Suzie Hawthorne

    So comfy so glad I bought this.

  • Colin Thomas

    Found you on Instagram (love the pics btw) I also love this foam kit.

  • Scott Owen

    Well worth a buy 5 Stars!

  • Ken Limbert

    Would recommend this foam kit to anybody looking to add some extra comfort to their van.

  • Aidan Coyle

    Installed this last weekend and forgot to leave a review at the time. 5 stars its really great.

  • Raynor Peters

    So convenient saved me measuring up.

  • Louis Archer

    Wonderful! So glad I happened upon this.

  • Georgina Lamont

    I got way too excited when this arrived. Great foam kit thank you.

  • Linda Luscombe

    Fits perfectly and feels super comfy

  • Ian Chester

    Good bit of kit. Fits well. Arrived fast as well.

  • Rosalyn Cullen

    perfect fit and fast delivery thanks very much :)

  • Alison Thomas

    IT FITS!! Thanks :)

  • Chris Campbell

    fits perfectly thanks GB

  • Steph Hughes

    Very comfortable and fit perfectly, great job GB

  • Sandra Alexander

    Excellent fit, nice job

  • Linda Scott

    very impressed with the comfort levels in my van now thanks guys

  • Jane Bailey

    Wow, this made a massive difference to the comfort levels.

  • Diane Lee

    Fitted well. Ready for next year now :)

  • Ernest Wilson

    I'm very impressed with this product, very nicely done

  • Robert Turner

    Cant wait to get these installed

  • Philip Smith

    Well I think I've managed to convert the wife from hotel life she loves how comfy they are

  • Jerry Roberts

    Well now its going to take some strong coffee to wake me up for the surf when I'm down Cornwall - so comfy

  • Donald Bailey

    I have been looking for a decent company that will do the foam for 'the Dubbs' for so long GB you really didn't disappoint.

  • Flora Riddell

    Brilliant, so cosy I could lay on it all day long.

  • Karen Thompson

    Super comfortable foam and cheaper than I expected :D

  • Melanie Bulmer

    Pleased with this. Nice and comfortable which is most important.

  • Ellie Brennan

    Couldn't be happier with my order, everything is perfect.

  • Sue King

    Husband was a happy camper! x

  • Jake Sanderson

    I came across this by chance and thought I'd give it a shot. Glad I did.

  • Charlie Robertson

    You should totally be selling these kits at Dub Festivals. Really can't recommend you guys enough!

  • Libby Noble

    Nice comfy foam and a great price! Thanks :D

  • Kian Hunter

    This is a great foam kit for a VW T5. If you're looking to make your van more comfortable this should help you.

  • Anna Coates

    It fits!!! And is super comfortable.

  • Marie Fuller

    perfect just what I needed would buy again

  • Thomas Mitchell

    Helped during my campervan overhaul. Great kit at a great price

  • Rufus Wells

    It fit like a glove with the slight changes you made for me. Would definitely recommend.

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