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Latest Foam Cut To Size & Product Reviews

  • Hardie Joss

    Perfect for playing the blues ;)

  • Damian Martin

    A nice little set of bass traps, great colour and quality.

  • Dave Todd

    My first time using acoustic foam and I've taken to it pretty well. Impressed with the results so far.

  • Duncan Pierce

    Arrived quickly, all there, no probs :)

  • Mark Lawrence

    They not only look good, they actually make a significant difference.

  • Emma Johnson

    So glad I found these. Exactly what I needed for my project.

  • Alicia McNaughton

    Really great acoustic foam highly recommended.

  • Adam Kowalski

    Followed the template I provided precisely.

  • Katrina Dickson

    Great work!

  • Stu Gibbs

    Top class service from GB Foam.

  • Doug Barton

    Very comfortable exactly what I was after.

  • Eva Roberts

    Better than my normal mattress!!

  • Ruth Morris

    Cut really well. No issues with sizing. If you've ever tried to cut a perfect circle out of foam, you'll know its nigh on impossible by hand.

  • Dave Acres

    One of the most helpful companies I've ever dealt with.

  • Anna Lund

    So glad you offered next day delivery. That's the last time I leave something to the last minute.

  • Julia Spafford

    Exactly what I was after cut to the right size and delivered quickly.

  • David Kelly

    Spot on GB Foam thank you.

  • Tracey Russell

    Love my new foam, thanks for everything.

  • Amber Smith

    Really pleased with everything.

  • Nina Reynolds

    What an excellent little service. Easy to order and a fair price.

  • Sharon Wells

    Finally done with my window seat and I'm so proud of myself. Thanks!

  • Jen Caddy

    Fab Cosy foam

  • Pete Stott

    The cushion was made exactly how I needed it to be nice one.

  • Shaun Tate

    Superb service GB Foam thanks so much.

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