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Latest Foam Cut To Size & Product Reviews

  • Nick Lister


  • Audrey Lee

    Love this website, so easy to order and quick delivery times.

  • Kristine Pole

    A well made and comfortable window seat cushion, just what I was after.

  • Martin Bryant

    Couldn't have asked for a better service.

  • Tristan Frampton

    Easy to fit and a huge improvement.

  • Caroline Dandy

    Perfect! xx

  • Charlotte Barnard

    Nice and comfy. Thanks

  • Peter Johnson

    Tried to find a similar service locally to no avail ordering online was easier anyway.

  • Lynn How

    Superb, thankyou :D

  • Cheryl Poole

    One very happy customer!!! :)

  • Lynn How

    Great website, great new foam caravan cushions!

  • Dominic Ford

    Cut perfectly and arrived quickly

  • Sara Fallon

    Love my new cushions. Everybody should do this!

  • Matthew Carty

    Wonderful service. Easy to order and the cushions fit perfectly.

  • Steven Hartmann

    This is a wonderful mattress and has been very well received.

  • Neil Thomas

    Been sleeping like a baby since owning this. Only slept through the alarm once so far probs won't be the last.

  • Keith Clement

    This is an impressive mattress considering how little it costs in comparison to some of the big name brands. Just goes to show!

  • Jodie Jackson


  • Wayne Johnson

    Great mattress glad I ordered from here.

  • Joy East

    Very, very impressed with this mattress. Cheap price it is, cheap quality it is not.

  • Larry Jones

    Great mattress and an even greater price.

  • Lydia Picken

    Had to replace our eldest daughters mattress, but with Christmas coming up didn't have much in the budget. Our youngest boy fell asleep on the bed over the weekend and now he says he wants this mattress for Christmas haha! Strange request.

  • Tracy Higgins

    Need to buy another one of these. I usually sleep with two pillows so now have one poor one and this fantastic one.

  • Laura Brown

    Glad I've finally found something to help tame all this dog hair.

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