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Latest Foam Cut To Size & Product Reviews

  • Louise Mincher

    Perfectly cut and nice quality. Thank you

  • Hayden Evans

    Great job guys, I'll be sure to recommend your services.

  • phil saw

    very fast delivery

  • Phi Duong

    All foam cubes cut equal thank you very much.

  • Brian Merricks

    Fantastic results should have replaced my caravan cushions ages ago.

  • Simon Levett

    Would buy again. Thanks.

  • Christine Crisp

    Super easy to replace your sofa cushions with this website, better yet they arrived the next day.

  • Susan Barnett

    Superb service from GB Foam, my sofa feels like new!!

  • Yvonne Jackson

    A very well made mattress, highly recommended. Thank you.

  • Penelope Scaife

    Fast delivery and a really great price for this mattress. :)

  • Jason Gray

    This is a well-made mattress and the price doesn't reflect it. I would honestly have paid more and still been happy.

  • Sean Murray

    Amazing quality for the price, couldn't be more pleased.

  • Matt Eden

    Lovely and soft, I would recommend this to everyone.

  • Jamie Lawson

    Arrived very quickly, quicker than I thought. Good thing I was home.

  • Catherine Eastham

    A friend recommended this to me and I'm really glad they did. Cheaper than many other online mattresses, but I'm not sure why?

  • Michael Jolly

    Purchased for the spare bedroom appears to be decent quality and looking at the other reviews, people seem to agree.

  • Janet Chadwick

    So soft and supportive, I love it.

  • Alyson Brown

    Easy to use and clings to hair very well. Just tear it off after and give it a rinse. Easy!

  • David Herbert

    Happy with the price of this. The quality is very good for how much I paid.

  • James Bradley

    Great product

  • Elise Rowley

    This is a fantastic product, easy to use and so reassuring. I still check every so often mind you, but that's just me.

  • Gordon McCormack

    Arrived the next day, plenty there for the money.

  • Saikat Ghosh

    Arrived in time no complaints

  • Kerry Oney

    A perfect bean bag filling and fast delivery.

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