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Latest Foam Cut To Size & Product Reviews

  • Fred Barnes

    very well made, and fitted really good

  • Jeremy Lewis

    Cut perfectly to dimensions great job

  • Nicholas Jackson

    great quality foam thanks guys

  • Teresa Hall

    Good quality and quick delivery

  • Daniel Griffin

    Great price, will be buying again

  • Deborah Brooks

    Great service without any problems.

  • Betty Smith

    nice job, well done, simple order and quick delivery.

  • William Lee

    quick and simple delivery thanks

  • Brandon Scott

    Exactly what I wanted, thankyou

  • Fred Morgan

    Fitted first time, nicely done

  • Russell Martin

    cut to measurements perfectly thanks

  • Nicole White

    Very impressed GB, very impressed

  • Sarah Davis

    excellent quality, just the right level of firmness for my needs.

  • Rose Jenkins

    My new stools are nice and comfy now

  • Jack Butler

    Cut to my exact dimensions, fantastic job guys.

  • Larry Gray

    It's good to see a reliable company.

  • Christopher Adams

    Good quality product, thanks GB

  • Julie Nelson

    Shape was cut perfectly thanks

  • Joe Evan

    Thanks, worked out really well

  • Carolyn Hill

    Fantastic product and at a good price too.

  • Douglas Alexander

    These look amazing on my studio wall.

  • Jesse Parker

    Better than I expected, thank you!

  • Rachel Anderson

    Fantastic work on these they really work very well

  • Sean Smith

    Excellent price and quick delivery too

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