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Latest Foam Cut To Size & Product Reviews

  • Shirley Hughes

    well done guys fits perfect

  • Fred Moore

    Cut to fit and very comfy

  • Heather Phillips

    Fitted perfectly thanks

  • Earl Edwards

    the back for my chair feels so good now

  • Linda Russell

    quick and easy order with quick and easy delivery, thankyou GB

  • Eugene Evans

    Excellent service, thankyou

  • Terry Clark

    Quick delivery and great product nice one

  • Judy Jones

    Really nice and comfortable and quick on the delivery

  • Laura Carter

    Nice and soft, my sofa cushions feel revitalized

  • Gerald Johnson

    I got a tester for the hospice and the nurses have commented how much it makes their job easier, expect a big order coming your way GB

  • Dennis Evans

    fantastic mattress got some good Z's on this

  • Mark Patterson

    very comfortable and quick delivery

  • Larry Barnes

    best night sleep I've had in years

  • Albert Smith

    Its a really nice mattress for the price you pay

  • John Campbell

    perfect for the kids room

  • Elizabeth Bell

    really comfortable for the price

  • David Moore

    Got one of these for the spare room, not slept on it yet but it does look comfortable

  • Richard King

    cheap, simple, quick delivery, its all I needed

  • Todd Sanders

    this has made a huge difference to my neck in the mornings

  • Anne Allen

    This is a lifesaver, I thankyou, my car thanks you, my sofa thanks you haha

  • Kathleen Roberts

    this really helped with my posture when I broke my hip, I just seemed to sit up that little bit straighter

  • Albert Foster

    I ordered a few of these for the home, excellent price and just what we needed

  • Harry Davis

    No more sleepless nights, well here's hoping

  • Paula Gray

    Great price and plenty there.

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