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Latest Foam Cut To Size & Product Reviews

  • Kimberly White

    Cut to shape as requested thankyou

  • Beverly Powell

    Good old professional service great job GB foam

  • Daniel Nelson

    really well made, I know custom jobs can be tricky sometimes

  • Craig Simmons

    Perfect, I got exactly what I ordered

  • Dorothy Murphy

    Good to see a company that will deliver on what they say

  • Diane Johnson

    Well done delivered as promised

  • Mark Ross

    Cut perfectly to my specification well done GB

  • Lillian Carter

    Fantastic delivery time

  • Patricia Young

    got this with some Dacron and my chair has never felt better

  • Laura Foster

    the new cushions feel great now thanks

  • Scott Powell

    very happy with my order and quick delivery too

  • Benjamin Murphy

    cut to dimensions perfectly thanks guys

  • Roger Cooper

    great quality foam thanks

  • Sharon Young

    Great for the caravan as expected

  • Michelle Ross

    very comfortable thankyou

  • Victor Lewis

    ordered some foam, got some foam 5/5 rated

  • Beverly Anderson

    much better compared to my old cushions

  • Nancy Smith

    Great quality product thanks Gb

  • Aaron Lewis

    quick and easy order and delivery. Well done gbfoamdirect

  • Charles Evans

    cant…. wake … up … anymore haha really nice and comfy

  • Heather Richardson

    really comfortable - nice job GB foam

  • Joe Morris

    GBfoam, my back thanks you

  • Cynthia James

    Excellent for price

  • Annie Clark

    Quality is fantastic for the price and quick delivery too

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